Best iPhone 14 Pro Max case for my phone

Best iPhone 14 Pro Max case for my phone

OTOFLY launched three new products in late October, which are iPhone 14 Pro Max Silicone Case with MagSafe, iPhone 14 Pro Max Clear Case, and Apple Watch Ultra Band.
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On the occasion of Halloween, OTOFLY launched three new products in late October, which are iPhone 14 Pro Max Silicone Case with MagSafe, iPhone 14 Pro Max Clear Case, and Apple Watch Ultra Band.

1.iPhone 14 Pro Max Silicone Case with MagSafe

1)Continuing the advantages of OTOFLY cases, we are serious about silicone magnetic phone cases

What do OTOFLY cases offer you?

Firstly, colorful choices. Since its establishment, OTOFLY has been committed to developing mobile phone cases with unique and popular colors. Almost all OTOFLY phone cases will be given as many color options as possible to meet the individual needs of different customers, and the solid-color silicone phone cases stand out from them, showing a concise and neat image.

Secondly, the constantly updated drop height test also proves that it can give your phone case the protection it deserves.

Thirdly, the silky feel gives countless consumers a unique sensory pleasure, which is also a major advantage of liquid silicone.

2)New iPhone 14 pro magnetic case: cheaper price, better protection.

The newly released iPhone 14 pro boosts the camera to 48 megapixels and supports 4k video recording. To provide better protection for the camera, the newly launched OTOFLY iPhone 14 Pro magnetic case, compared with Apple's official silicone mobile phone case, has a full-coverage protection area for the lens, and to a certain extent adds the function of the lens protector, which is more convenient.

OTOFLY analyzes the purchase data of customer and selects seven unique colors that are very suitable for autumn and winter: deep purple, black, red, ice pink, blue, clover, and light purple for you to choose.

This iPhone 14 Pro case has a built-in magnet ring and is compatible with Apple's MagSafe. Its function is comparable to that of Apple's official silicone phone case, but the price is less than half of its price

iPhone 14 Pro Max Clear Case

3)iPhone 14 pro max clear case also has its unique strengths

Compared with last year's OTOFLY iPhone 13 series clear case, this new iPhone 14 Pro Max Case is thicker in both the colorful TPU frame and the front glass plate, enhancing its protective function.

The transparent glass in the middle can show the original appearance of your mobile phone, and it is also excellent to clip a photo of your favorite to highlight your personality.

The colorful border makes it more unique than the fully transparent phone case, and will not look too boring and rigid.

If you buy it now, you will also get an additional magnetic iron ring for MagSafe. You can choose whether you need it or not according to the type of charger you have.

Apple Watch Ultra Band

4)Why did we choose liquid silicone gal to make an apple watch band

OTOFLY 's Apple watches ultra band is made of liquid silicone, which has an excellent feel. And after a special oiling treatment, this band is rarely contaminated with dust.

Imagine you've just finished working out for the day, sweating profusely, and your watch strap won't be spared. Compared to trail bands, silicone bands are easier to clean. The bumpy surface also prevents it from sliding around too often.

OTOFLY Apple Watch Ultra Band for 42 44 45 49mm dial, is newly launched in seven new colors: Black, red, white, clover, stone, kumquat, and navy blue, giving you a colorful choice exclusive to OTOFLY.

The above is the introduction of OTOFLY's new products in October.

We are keeping surprising you.

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