How to clean the clear iPhone case?

How to clean the clear iPhone case?

1Why are clear iPhone case so popular?

2 Advantages and disadvantages of clear cases

3 How to clean the phone case if it is dirty?

4 Can the problem of yellowing of clear mobile phone case be completely solved?

1Why are clear iPhone case so popular?

There are three reasons for the popularity of clear mobile phone cases.

①Lower price:

Compared with silicone cases, leather cases and other types, there are some clear cases that are cheaper. Even if they turn yellow and are difficult to clean, they can be replaced immediately. You can also store a few more at a time. The replacement cost is lower than other kinds.

②Simple and convenient:

Comparing colorful silicone cases and printed cases, it will take a lot of time and energy to choose. There is generally only one clear case, which can reduce the burden on you who have difficulty in choosing, and can also show that you pursue a simple but not prosaic attitude towards life.

③High quality, better protect your phone:

With the passage of time, the quality of the clear case is also constantly improving, more and more new materials (glass materials, composite board materials) are used in the clear case, coupled with the application of technologies such as corner reinforcement, it is more resistant to falling and protecting improve.

(4)magsafe: Under normal circumstances, clear cases are suitable for magsafe, which is more advanced and convenient.



2 Advantages and disadvantages of clear phone cases


①Compared with mobile phone cases made of leather and other materials, many clear mobile phone cases are lighter in weight, take up less space, and are easy to take. Of course, there are also some clear cases that highlight the protection of the mobile phone and are relatively thick.

②Because it is clear, you can clip invoices, cards and other items in it, which is convenient. You can also clip photos, paste stickers, and DIY your own artistic creativity to create your own phone case to show your personal characteristics.

③ Even if you don't post anything, you can still show the original style of your mobile phone, which is simple and elegant.


①It is easy to turn yellow, difficult to restore, and the replacement time is short, which is more troublesome

②Leave fingerprints and look untidy (if it is made of glass material, it is better not to get fingerprints, but glass material will be brittle and easy to break)



3 How to clean the iPhone case if it is dirty?

①Use toothpaste to brush once without water, wash off the foam, sprinkle a layer of salt and brush again, and finally wash with water.

② Soak in hydrogen peroxide overnight, then wash.

③Add an appropriate amount of water, alcohol, baking soda, toothpaste and mix, soak for more than 30 minutes, then wash.

④You can stick a beautiful tape on the periphery to cover the yellowing part.



4 Can the problem of yellowing of clear mobile phone case be completely solved?

Generally, the clear mobile phone case is made of TPU, and the yellowing is because the TPU is gradually oxidized, and the fundamental substance has changed. However, as a daily necessity, the mobile phone case can not be exposed to the air, so oxidation and yellowing will happen at a point, and cleaning cannot restore it to its original state, but can only partially clean it. (But if it is PC material, it will not turn yellow

OTOFLY will launch a clear mobile phone case design for the OTOFLY iPhone 14 case series in October this year, so stay tuned!


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