OTOFLY's Newly Protective iPhone Cases is a Value Gift to Us All

OTOFLY's Newly Protective iPhone Cases is a Value Gift to Us All

iPhone 13 PRO MAX Case Excellent protection

  • Raised lips

  • Soft Microfiber lining

  • Not easy to slip

  • Rubberized stylishly curved edges

  • Non-slip coating

Case is just like clothing, which shows yourโ€™s style Reading OTOFLY's Newly Protective iPhone Cases is a Value Gift to Us All 3 minutes Next Some noteworthy points about the Samsung Galaxy S22

When you spend a good chunk on your iPhone, you shouldย make sure that thing is well protected otherwise you have to pay high repair bills for your beloved iPhone 13 pro max.

So, in addition to purchasing a screen protector, you might consider to invest a good case for your iPhone 13.

ย iPhone 13 screen replacement price

Phone cases are a top priority to protect iPhone. According to the author's experience in mobile phone sales for many years, the tempered glass screen protector has a better effect on frontal collision, but it cannot effectively protect the more common corner collisions. The deformation and extrusion of the frame is another important reason for the cracked edge of the screen and camera lens, therefore an protective and anti-slip phone case is the key to saving you big bucks.

Luckily, OTOFLY's Newly Protective silicone iPhone 13 Pro Max Cases is a Value Gift to Us All.


Here are the reasons for choosing this OTOFLY iPhone 13 pro max case silicone case: ย 

Excellent protection

Raised lips

iPhone 13 case protect

The heightening of the lipย will inevitably increase the weight of the mobile phone case. Generally, the edge of the case is higher than the screen and camera lens. However, to make the case more light and save material costs, some manufacturers do the opposite, which seems to protect the surface, but the raised lip is lower than the screen and lens, so there is no protection effect at all. The OTOFLY's mobile phone case takes into account both stylish and protection and raisedย the lipย of the screen and the edge of the camera lens by 2.1mm respectively. Whatโ€™s more, this heightย has been tested by many parties and has been feedback from previous customers, which is enough to protect the iPhone screen and lens safety.


Soft Microfiber lining

Another special feature of OTOFLY's silicone case is that it has a soft microfiber lining inside, which can effectively cushion the impact, and you don't have to worry about it scratching your phone like other phone cases.

In addition, when I was browsing other product details before, a customer left a message in it. Because of the current epidemic, he likes to use alcohol to disinfect the things around him, especially the frequently used mobile phone cases. He was worried that the alcohol was wet, would it cause this soft microfiber mold? The answer is no, first of all, the volatilization speed of alcohol is very fast, and secondly, the premise of mold growth is the growth of mycete, and alcohol inhibits mold growth, so please rest assured.

Not easy to slip


In fact, we all knows that the best protection is not to drop the phone, thus OTOFLY has made a series of new improvements about it.


Rubberized stylishly curved edges

According to the ergonomic hand structure, OTOFLY has designed the outer structure of the mobile phone case that conforms to the shape of people's hands. The elegant curved edges ensure people to easily hold the iPhone and provide superior grip.


Non-slip coating

In addition, nano-coating, hydrophobic and Oleophobic coatings are added to the back of this phone case, which can effectively prevent slippage caused by such as hand sweat.




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