What is the GRS - Global Recycled Standard ?

What is the GRS - Global Recycled Standard ?

Planning to get a new iPhone 14 case?

Consider the GRS-certified OTOFLY iPhone cases which are friendly to the environment.

Planning to get a new iPhone 14 case? Consider the GRS-certified iPhone cases

Environmental protection and sustainable development is the eternal topic; and recycling, is an important way of sustainable production and consumption patterns. In recent years, the increase in global environmental awareness has become a development trend, and the mainstream brands of recyclable materials are more respected, it is understood that: Adidas announced that it will fully use recycled polyester fiber in 2024; Zara announced the full use of recycled sustainable materials by 2025; IKEA promised to use only renewable or recycled materials in all products by 2030; Apple promised to end mining and its products will use 100% recycled materials.

GRS is an international, voluntary, complete product standard that sets requirements for third-party certification of recyclables, chain of custody, social and environmental practices, and chemical restrictions. The goal of GRS is to increase the use of recycled materials in products and to reduce and eliminate the hazards they create. The GRS mark is not easy to get. The application for GRS certification is a company (factory) must meet the five major requirements of traceability, environmental, social, label and rights.

All the cases we offer here on this site are GRS certified. The process of obtaining certified and staying certified isn't easy, but it is totally worth it. You know that when you use OTOFLY iPhone cases, you are actually helping make the world a better place - and looking sharp while you're doing it. In addition, the feel of the case, the variety of colors, and the protection that makes you feel safer, will make you not regret choosing OTOFLY iPhone cases.

In recent years, the global awareness of environmental protection is gradually increasing, which is not a popular trend, but a long-term development trend. Many brands have joined the regeneration action, and consumer groups are voting with their choices. Green and recycled materials are becoming everyone's first choice. There is only one earth, and green development must be the future!
We are proud and pleased to inform you that after many months of working with our supply chain partners, our iPhone cases are now fully GRS certified. OTOFLY will take this opportunity to continue to design environmentally friendly phone cases, provide customers with products and services of international standards, and contribute to sustainable development.

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