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What is new to iPhone 15 Pro?

What is new to iPhone 15 Pro?

Time comes to the beginning of September, closer and closer to the release time, about the iPhone 15 series of parameter information is basically also raked almost, today we will share with you, the best model pro series in the iPhone 14pro and iPhone 15 pro in the end where the difference!


  1. Appearance

The iPhone 15 Pro doesn't change its design language except for a new bezel material and silent buttons, and there's no change in the current generation's "dynamic island", so it's a bit difficult to make people recognize you've got a new phone at a glance.


  1. Performance

iPhone15 will be equipped with A17 pro processor, using 3nm process, performance improvement of 10-15%, power consumption reduction of about 25-30%. However, the current A16 processor is already a state of excess performance, if you go to buy for performance is really not necessary.


  1. Charging

The iPhone 15 Pro has upped the charging power to 35W, which probably won't be a significant increase in charging speed from the numbers. In addition, the iPhone 15Pro switched to Type-C port, it will be necessary to buy a new charging head and cable again.


  1. Photography

Is the most central upgrade point of this iPhone 15 Pro, a new periscope telephoto lens should iPhone 15 Pro bring a good telephoto experience.


  1. Price

While the current iPhone 15Pro may have been bumped up by 1,000 in starting price, the corresponding axing of the not-so-practical 128GB version, combined with the current 256GB iPhone 14Pro, should keep that price the same.


To summarize, there are still a lot of upgrades in this iPhone 15 Pro, but it's not a big upgrade for the iPhone14Pro series, and it's still worth buying the iPhone14Pro series with discounts! If you are using the iPhone 13 series or even earlier models, this iPhone 15 Pro is still worth replacing.  

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