The Best Google Pixel 7 Case in 2023

The Best Google Pixel 7 Case in 2023

From the date the Google Pixel 7 has released, it has been two months past. If you haven't got a Google Pixel 7 phone, this blog will introduce the price and features of the Google Pixel 7 phones, and if you haven't got a Google Pixel 7 phone, this blog will introduce some parameter data of the phone and help you to decide "should I upgrade to Pixel 7" or not and it will illustrate how to choose a good case to protect the Google Pixel 7 phones.
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The Release:
In May 2022, Google confirmed that the flagship Pixel 7 series models will launch in the fall of 2022, which seems to be October according to various news on the Internet.
Actually, on October 6, 2022, at 23:00, Google held a news conference to release the Pixel 7 / Pro series phones and a number of new accessories.

How much is a Google Pixel 7 phone?
Compared to iPhone that has a similar configuration, the Google Pixel 7 phones seem to be more cost-effective, because the iPhone that has a similar configuration will cost you $800 or even more, whereas the Google Pixel 7 phones will only cost you $600, which is more affordable and pleasing. Moreover, the Google Pixel 7 Pro version of $900 is also an outstanding competitor against the iPhone 14 Pro Max at $1100 and the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra at nearly $1100.

In today's global economic downturn, with competitors around the world raising their prices, Google has kept the Pixel 7 prices affordable and it even looks like Google's Pixel 7 is performing better, which makes it so tempting no matter in terms of price or terms of detailed parameters.

Should I upgrade to Pixel 7 or not?
To solve this problem more professionally, let's take a look at the detailed parameters of the Google Pixel 7 phones. I believe that after reading it and combining it with the price of the phone, you will come to your conclusion:

The Pixel 7 series still features the familiar horizontal rear camera module, this time made of aluminum, and does away with the two-tone design. Among other things, the Pixel 7 has a dual rear camera, the Pixel 7 series will feature a next-generation Tensor processor, and will come with Android 13.

The Pixel 7 features a dual rear camera design with a centered single-hole front camera, and the Google Pixel 7 weighs 195 grams and is 73.20 mm wide. The Google Pixel 7 has been certified by the FCC and the certification shows that it supports Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth, and NFC. Using the 11MP Samsung 3J1 as the front sensor, the Google Pixel 7 series will be powered by Google's own Tensor 2 processor and feature a 2K flexible screen, according to previous leaks.

Google Pixel 7 phones will support face recognition, which is the first time since the Google Pixel 4 series, Google Pixel phones again use face recognition. The Google Pixel 7 phones feature a centered single-bore screen with a dual rear camera module and come in black, white, and light green colorways.

The Pixel 7 features a 6.3-inch FHD display with a 90Hz refresh rate and a Google Tensor G2 chip with a 4nm process. the Pixel 7 supports Wi-Fi 6E+ and will ship with Android 13. Pixel 7 battery capacity of 4355 mA, supports 21W wired charging and 20W wireless charging. In terms of camera, Google Pixel 7 has a 50-megapixel main lens and a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens.

How to choose a good case to protect the Google Pixel 7?
Made of premium material
The case for Google Pixel 7 from OTOFLY is made of premium liquid silicone material, which can provide an ultra soft skin-friendly but a non-slip grip, but also provide wonderful protection at the same time. The phone itself was all wrapped and the screen and camera lens are specially protected by the raised edges, which make it strong and durable.

1. Fit it snugly
The OTOFLY liquid silicone case for Google Pixel 7 is designed strictly in accordance with the characteristics of the Google Pixel 7 itself, it has precise cutouts for all ports and buttons. The case can fit the phone snugly too without any air bubbles and uneven bumps. Protect your phone safely just like a loyal guard.

2. Fashionable appearance
The OTOFLY liquid silicone case are providing multiple colors for a wider option, with so much protection it can provide, it's still slim and has a perfect fit. The solid pure color with the minimalistic design on the case makes it elegant and beautiful. It's slimmer than any other cases on the market, but the protectiveness has not been affected. Small cases provide huge protection.

3. Care-free warranty
If you would love to buy the OTOFLY liquid silicone case for your Google Pixel 7, but worry that the case you bought before days seems to be worthless after days, contact us always, and we will provide a free replacement and a lifetime warranty, we care for every problem raised to provide a perfect product as well as customer service.

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