How the Apple Watch 2023 Changed my Life?

How the Apple Watch 2023 Changed my Life?

In September 2023, Apple once again released the all-new Apple Watch Series 9. This sophisticated smartwatch not only inherits the outstanding features of its predecessor but also introduces a series of new features and improvements to provide more convenience for people's daily lives. So, how did the Apple Watch 2023 Change my Life?


Focus on Exercise and Health

Sleep Monitoring

One of the features of the Apple Watch is sleep monitoring. Even after a long night's sleep, you still feel sleepy in the morning - the quality of your sleep is low. Apple Watch monitors the user's sleep data and keeps statistics, so you can visualize your sleep situation and adjust your sleep schedule in a timely manner.


Heart Rate Detection

With the Apple Watch, the 'health' apps on your phone can really be used to a much greater extent, such as the heart rate that is automatically recorded when you wear the watch. The "Health" app regularly pushes out a summary of changes in heart rate. Users can be the first to know about changes in their body through the information pushed out by the software.


Exercise Records

Exercise, the most commonly used feature of the Apple Watch, has a wide range of uses. Once you have set your basic daily goals, the Apple watch begins to monitor and supervise the user. For example, it reminds you to stand up and move around if you have a sedentary job, or it calculates a more accurate exercise consumption through multiple indicators such as body movement, heart rate and time after you finish the exercise, so that you can ensure your daily calorie consumption. For those who have a weight loss program, Apple Watch acts as a strict guide, urging you to complete your daily exercise.



Powerful Assistive Functions

In addition to the convenience of checking the time, Apple Watch has a lot of auxiliary functions that effectively link with other Apple products to make your life more convenient.

Find your iPhone

One of the more useful features of the Apple Watch is the ability to find your phone by simply sliding up on the clock screen and tapping on the icon that looks like "phone vibration" to make your iPhone sound. In addition, if your phone is far away, you can also use the “Find” feature on your Apple Watch to locate it.


Remote Photo Shoot

What should I do if I realize that my phone is too far away when I take a picture with my friends? You can use Apple Watch to help you! Although Apple Watch doesn't have a camera, it can be used as a camera remote control for iPhone. Apple Watch supports time-lapse, selecting the camera, and switching the flash on and off, which is useful when taking group photos and selfies.


Series 9 Adds Gesture Feature

The "two-finger gesture double-tap" feature is one of the highlights of the Apple Watch Series 9, and it's considered one of the most useful features of the device. This feature utilizes the power of the Apple S9 chip, so it's only available on the new Series 9, not older models. Gestures make Apple Watch even more convenient. Whether you have both hands free or not, two taps of your index finger and thumb allow you to take calls, check notifications, control music playback or pause, and perform a variety of other actions. This intuitive and efficient interaction makes the user experience more convenient.



Distinctive Fashion Accessories

Interchangeable bands offer more possibilities for changing the style of the Apple Watch. OTOFLY has a wide range of Apple Watch bands, whether you want to use it for sports, business or as an accessory for your fashionable outfits, there is something for you.


If you want to wear your watch while exercising, you can't go wrong with the Apple Watch Silicone Band . If you want to use the Apple Watch for business, then both the metal band and the leather band are perfect,


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