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1. About warranty.

We provide you with a 1-year after-sales warranty service.

2. Will there be a color difference in the iPhone case?

We took pictures in the white light of the studio, so the color may be more saturated; if you see the color under the outdoor natural light or indoor incandescent light, there may be a little deviation, but the color difference will not be very serious, so please don’t worry.

3. Warranty process.

You need to activate our warranty card and register your information in advance, this includes your name, phone number, email address, order number.

4. I want to know when I will receive the iPhone case?

Because it is fulfilled by Amazon warehouse, the time of receiving the cases varies according to the State. Generally, it can receive within 7 business days.

5. Is it easy to get dust on the

We use silicone gel material. At present, we have made technical improvements. Even if the dust is stuck, it can be easily wiped off, so don’t worry too much.  

6. This iPhone case looks very slippery. Will it fall easily?

Don’t worry, we use the latest silicone gel as the main material of the iPhone case. It feels like a baby’s skin. Although it is smooth, it won’t easily slip from your hands. 

7. What if I purchase the wrong iPhone case?

Please provide me with the screenshot of the order number and the label on the iPhone case package. In addition, send E-mail the photos of the case you received. 

8. The case looks very thick, will it make my iPhone heavier? Or can this thickness protect my iPhone well?

Don’t worry about this. The advantage of silicone gel as the main material is that it is soft and comfortable, light and not heavy, easy to clean. The most important point is that the service life is longer than other material. The edge of the case and the rear lens are heightened, Although it can not 100% protect your iPhone from any damage. However, it can play a very protective role to a great extent and minimize the damage.