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3 Gadgets to Protect Your iPhone from Damage - OTOFLY

iPhone lens protector

With smartphones becoming indispensable electronic products in our daily life, they can be used for communication, reading e-books, shopping online, playing games for entertainment, making payments online, or watching videos, so many roles they can play. You can use it for almost doing anything in almost any scenario, and it will inevitably be prone to some external physical damage.


So how to protect your smartphone is of great significance especially when you received the phone you’ve just purchased. Here are some necessary gadgets that every phone needs to protect your smartphone from external damage in case high maintenance costs are caused. Now, let’s have a look at what gadgets will help to protect a smartphone all around.


Use Phone Cases

The first choice for most people to protect their smartphones is to purchase a protective phone case that is both beautiful and practical. For the type and material of the phone cases, you can choose either soft, skin-friendly silicone phone cases, or MagSafe cases that support wireless charging. You can also choose minimalist clear cases to protect your smartphone.


For ease of carrying and use, a smartphone often does not have a large size, but a small volume also tends to make it easy to slide it out of the hand. Using a phone case will definitely help increase the friction between your hand and the phone. In addition, as a phone case, it can also protect your phone from collisions and scratches in all aspects. With the protection of the phone case, the back of your phone can always be as polishing new.



Get Screen Protectors

Another thing you can buy for your phone is screen protectors. When screen protectors and phone cases are used together, they can make a significant contribution to protecting your phone. If you only use a screen protector, the back and four corners of the edge of your smartphone can easily break. If you only use the phone case, your phone screen is likely to start cracking when it accidentally falls and then the maintenance will cost you a lot.


OTOFLY provide screen protectors for various models of iPhone. We also provide screen protectors for other mobile phones.

iPhone lens protector


Camera Protectors

With the guard of a phone case and screen protector, you can basically protect your phone very well. However, if you still want to add some extra protection to your smartphone, you can consider camera protectors. With camera protectors, camera protection is no longer ignored. 


Take iPhone 13 camera protector from OTOFLY as an example, with the camera protector on your camera lens, your smartphone is not only protected but also it’s being fabulously decorated. 6 different colors are provided with blinking diamonds, which will make your smartphone looks like superstar. However, if you don't like the diamond camera protectors, OTOFLY still offers the basic iPhone 13 camera protector, which comes in five different colors without diamonds on it.


Of course, we not only provide iPhone 13 screen protectors but also provide screen protectors for several other iPhone models. Double-click OTOFLY official to see if there are any lens protectors for your phone model.

iPhone 13 camera lens protector


These are all the necessary gadgets for each phone. With these 3 gadgets, your phone will be protected better. Next time, we’ll teach you how to extend the life of your iPhone. If you want to know more about iPhone useful information, you can continue to follow OTOFLY 's blog which can be seen on the OTOFLY official website.

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