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Apple Trade In Program: Everything you need to know

Apple Trade In Program Everything you need to know

I wonder if you are planning to get a new phone this year? If you're ready for an iPhone 15, don't rush to buy it! Take a look at how much your old Apple, Samsung and Google phones are worth, and Trade-in could help you save a lot of money!


What is the Apple Trade In Program?

In 2013, Apple introduced trade-in, a used device recycling service that allows users to upgrade their phones at a lower price. By selling your used device to Apple officials, you can buy a new Apple device directly with the discounted amount of your used device. For example, the iPhone 15 costs 799$, you can buy it for as little as 149$ through a trade-in. Apple claims that trade-in is not only convenient for customers, but also protect personal privacy, and the environmentally friendly recycling method is good for the planet.

What is the Apple Trade In program


What's the difference between Apple Trade In and the iPhone Upgrade Program?

Unlike the iPhone Upgrade Program, which is a special monthly payment service, Apple Trade-In does not require you to sign up for any type of payment plan or agreement and is available for many devices other than the iPhone. Additionally, the iPhone Upgrade Program requires users to have an iPhone with AppleCare+, while the Trade-In does not necessarily require the purchase of AppleCare+. In terms of price, the trade-in price fluctuates with the market, and the iPhone Upgrade Program has a guaranteed price that will remain above the 50% discount rate.

In short, the iPhone Upgrade Program helps you buy the device you want and has more participation requirements, while the Apple Trade-In pays for the device you already own and applies to a wider range of people.


What devices are eligible for trade-in?

Currently, among the devices launched by Apple, iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch can all participate in the trade-in program. Among third-party devices, Android models launched by major mainstream brands can also participate in trade-in and obtain valuations, such as Samsung, Google and others. You can check the estimated trade-in value of different models of each brand on the Apple website.

What devices are eligible for trade-in

All accessories and products not mentioned above cannot participate in the Apple Trade In program. For example, AirPods, HomePod and other products cannot receive discounts. However, for products that cannot receive a trade-in amount, Apple also provides a free recycling service that can help you dispose of these unwanted products for free, if you really want to.


Is Apple Trade In Program a good deal?


  • Apple can ensure the security of users' data.
  • Apple is more secure for the discount price of the device. In a third party, even a slight scratch or wear may have an impact on the discount price. Apple only ensures that there are no functional problems and hardware damage through machine testing, which will not affect the discount price.
  • The discount rate of Apple has increased a lot this year, and the discount price has an advantage in the market.


  • There is no way to get cash through Apple Trade In, while selling used devices on eBay, Craigslist, or other platforms can earn you money instead of store points.
  • If you mail the device, there is a chance it will be lost. The trade-in process can take up to three weeks.


How do I exchange a device with Apple Trade In?


  1. Open Apple’s official website ( or the Apple Store, select the product you want to replace, tap“Select a smartphone” on the purchase page, and then choose the model you want to trade in.
  2. Submit your old mobile phone information.(model, memory, color, degree of wear, etc.)
  3. Apple will then send you a trade-in confirmationemail, and will teach you step by step how to delete your personal data on the old phone, as well asthe value of your iPhone.
  4. If you think the price is suitable, you can send your old phone as agreed; if you feel you don’t want to change it, you can also choose to cancel.
Two easy ways to trade in


In store

  1. Make an appointment with one AppleStore online, and find out how much you can get for your device.
  2. Bring your old phone to the AppleStore and wait for the clerk to test and evaluate the device.
  3. Select the new device you want to replace and complete the payment.
  4. Clear the data of the old device.
How do I exchange a device with Apple Trade In


When you want to replace the new generation of Apple devices, for the disposal of unused devices, you can consider the official channel of Apple Trade In. I hope that the above information can help you, if you have other questions, please feel free to raise them in the comments section.

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