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Apple Watch Series 9 vs Apple Watch Ultra 2 — To choose which?

Apple Watch Series 9 vs Apple Watch Ultra 2 — To choose which?

1. Apple Watch Series 9: What’s New?

Let's start with the Apple Watch Series 9. According to the official summary chart, the main change of the S9 compared to the previous generation S8 is the use of the new generation S9 SiP watch chip. The S9's CPU has 5.6 billion transistors, 60% more than the previous generation S8, and the GPU has been improved by up to 30%. The S9 also has a new quad-core neural network engine that handles machine learning tasks twice as fast. The first is the acceleration of system response and the improvement of the fluency of the entire dynamic effect. Secondly, if you are someone who likes to use Siri, you will probably like this improvement in Siri usage. Thanks to the stronger chip performance, the S9 enables the Apple Watch to process Siri commands directly on-board for the first time, without the assistance of iPhone as in the past. Moreover, if it is an instruction that does not require the Internet to obtain information, it can be executed offline as well.

On a more practical note, Apple has also brought "Double Tap", which is called "New gesture Magic" of Apple. The so-called Double Tap means that users just pinch their index finger and thumb to manipulate activities on the Apple Watch. For example, when you need to operate the Apple Watch while cooking or washing vegetables, you have to wipe your other hand clean before operating it, which is not convenient and may cause the dishes to get burned. However, with the help of the Double Tap gesture of Apple Watch S9, you can directly free the other hand, which is very helpful for users who are used to using Apple Watch to process information quickly.

In addition, there are two obvious hardware improvements. One is that the maximum peak brightness of the screen has been increased to 2,000 nits, which is twice that of the previous generation S8 and equivalent to the first generation Apple Watch Ultra. The second is the use of the second generation Ultra Wideband (U2) chip, which has more accurate direction and distance perception. The maximum brightness of the screen is brighter, which is naturally more conducive to use in outdoor strong light environments.

Apple Watch Series 9 also enabled by the second-generation Ultra Wideband chip, Precision Finding can now direct you to your iPhone by showing you its approximate distance and direction. And when you get close, haptic feedback, an audible chirp, and a visual indicator help you zero in on it. Besides, the U2 enables deeper integration with HomePod. HomePod's playback controls are activated on Apple Watch when you get closer.

The main functional changes of Apple Watch Series 9 are basically mentioned above. In terms of other conventional health detection and exercise detection, it is almost the same as the previous generation S8, including blood oxygen detection, ECG detection, sleep monitoring, and car accident detection and other functions. As for the appearance, the Apple Watch S9 has not changed much from the previous generation, only adds a new pink color. It is still made of aluminum or stainless steel and comes in two sizes: 41mm and 45mm, which can be freely matched with various watch bands. Although the appearance design of the new Apple Watch lacks novelty, we can add beauty to the appearance of the Apple Watch by choosing our own delicate bands with a personal touch.

Regarding the choice of Apple Watch bands, we have the following five recommended materials. If you have sufficient funds, you can choose the most noble luxury bands. If you are a more mature office worker, we would recommend a titanium watch band, which will make people look more sophisticated when wearing it. Sports bands are also a good choice, the bright colors are more in line with the lively personalities of young people. There are also leather bands, which gives people a sense of elegance and high-end, and is usually used in formal occasions. The last one is the carbon fiber watch band, which is not only wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, but also lighter than traditional watch bands. A high-quality watch band will increase the number of times people wear the watch on a daily basis and stimulate people's desire to wear watches. Hence, it is necessary to beautify the appearance of our Apple Watch.

2.Apple Watch Ultra 2:Faster chip and Brighter screen

Moving on to the Apple Watch Ultra 2. The same as the Apple Watch Series 9, the biggest change in the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is the use of the more powerful S9 SiP watch chip. The improvements that Series 9 has, such as in-machine processing of Siri, Double Tap gesture, and more accurate in using Precision Finding, are also available in Ultra 2. However, the peak screen brightness of Apple Watch Ultra 2 is even scarier, rising from 2,000 nits on the first-generation Ultra to 3,000 nits. You're probably wondering what scenarios would use 3000 nits of brightness. For example, skiing under clear sky is a typical application scenario. Our perception of screen brightness is not only related to the brightness of the screen itself, but also closely related to the brightness and reflection of the surrounding environment. Snow under a clear sky is a scene with extremely demanding requirements for screen brightness, and users can still see the dial clearly even under dazzling sunlight, which is also in line with the positioning of the Apple Watch Ultra as a main outdoor sports.

In other aspects, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is basically the same as the previous generation, with the same appearance, titanium material, 49mm size, dual-frequency GPS, three microphones, dual speakers, a variety of altitude barometer, altimeter, depth gauge, and temperature sensing related to professional sports. It also supports recreational diving up to 40 meters.

The Apple Watch Ultra is designed for extreme conditions, but does it need a case? When it comes to smartphones and smartwatches, users often wonder if they need a case or screen protector, and the Apple Watch Ultra has the most rugged design of all Apple Watch models. The two key design features of the Apple Watch Ultra are its titanium frame and sapphire crystal screen. The sapphire crystal is very strong and highly scratch-resistant, meaning it can resist scratches from extremely sharp items like keys and even some knives. Alas, the Ultra is still susceptible to cracks and scratches; and freak accidents can still happen. So if you want to be safe and protect your $800 investment, then we recommend paying the very small price to get a few luxury Apple Watch cases to help strengthen your Ultra's display and help prevent it from an all-out spiderweb crack disaster.


There is also Casekare, which transforms technology into exquisite accessories. Casekare's Apple Watch Ultra Case upgrades the appearance of Apple Watch into a more advanced work, offering not only the ultimate protection, but the best protection.



3. How We Selected?

Going back to our initial question, are the latest Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 the best choices to buy Apple Watch now? First of all, if you don’t have an Apple Watch, you can certainly shop for the latest model.

Judging from the almost consistent performance of the processors from S6 to S8, the new generation of S9 SiP should also be an advanced processor that will last for many years. The U2 chip will normally be used for many generations, and both products of this generation have been upgraded to 64GB of storage, you must know that the 32GB specification has been used for four years. So from the perspective of hardware specifications, Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 will not fall behind after two or three years.

As for the choice between the Series and Ultra, they're both identical in terms of general features. In addition to being more suitable for outdoor sports, Ultra also has some advantages in daily experience. One is that its screen is larger and brighter, which makes daily viewing more comfortable. Furthermore, the battery capacity of Apple Watch Ultra 2 is also larger. The most criticized thing about Apple Watch is its battery life. Ultra’s battery life is much better than Series. It can last for 72 hours of normal use with low power settings enabled. In addition, Ultra's more precise positioning and navigation capabilities, as well as dual speakers and three microphones, also significantly improve the daily use experience. Of course, for this you have to pay for a heavier weight and a more expensive price. So the specific choice depends on personal needs.

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