Apple Watch Ultra Review: 10 things you care about

Apple Watch Ultra Review 10 things you care about

The Apple Watch Ultra was one of the biggest surprises of Apple's 2022 fall event. Here are ten things you might care about.


FAQ1: Is the Apple Watch Ultra band compatible with the 44mm and 45mm models?

It's completely universal. The original S series 45mm or SE series 44mm bands can still be used.


FAQ2: How does the new band feel on the wrist?

The Apple Watch Ultra has released three new bands, each with its own features.

  • Ocean Band, from the material as well as the design is specially made for diving, including the hole chain design, which is more convenient for drainage.
  • Alpine Loop, suitable for outdoor sports, with design style close to rock climbing, etc. As an outdoor sports equipment, the band specially designed locking buckle is particularly strong, not easy to fall off.
  • Trail Loop, very suitable for urban outdoor sports and daily wear. Designed to be light, thin, and flexible that fits comfortably. Although visually it is easy to be confused with the previous Sport Loop, the Trail Loop is a new design and material, lighter, thinner and completely different to the touch.

Apple Watch Ultra 3 bands

There are currently nine colors in total for these three watch bands, which can only be combined with the Apple Watch Ultra option. However, there are rumors that Apple will soon be open to separate sales. The back of the Ultra uses a ceramic material as the sensor cover, so there are no abrasive or perspiration problems during wearing, but the weight and size are much higher than the the 45mm of the Apple Watch S8.


FAQ3: What is the visual effect of wearing it on men and women?

The size of the Apple Watch Ultra is just right for boys with larger wrists, while for girls, the dial may appear larger, but it looks good on both men and women. You can also install a protective and stylish Apple Watch case for your watch to make it look more attractive. (Click here to see Casekare’s Apple Watch Cases.)


FAQ4: What are the differences compared to Apple Watch S8?

First of all, the same as the S8, compared to the previous generation, Apple Watch Ultra has added Temperature sensing, Crash Detection, and Compass Waypoints mark the spot. The main differences between the S8 and the Ultra are as follows:

  • The Apple Watch Ultra design is more suitable for high-intensity sports than the Apple Watch S8, for it uses robust titanium case to cope with various harsh events in outdoor sports.
  • The case rises up to surround the flat sapphire crystal and protect it from edge impacts.
  • The Ultra has a large orange button more than the S8 button, the previous apple watch only had Digital Crown and Side Bottom, the Apple Watch Ultranow has a new Action button on the side of the body, you can customize the function, such as quick start, control a workout, mark a Compass Waypoint, or begin a dive.
  • The performance is better than that of the S8, mainly reflected in the higher brightness of the screen, better battery life, dual-frequency GPS for higher-precision positioning, and dual speakers and three-microphone, so that when you are on a call with your hiking teammates, there will be higher volume and clearer call effects.


FAQ5: How loud is the siren?

Apple specifically promoted the new Siren feature at the launch event. If you get lost or injured and need to attract attention, activate a Siren that can be heard up to 600 feet or 180 meters away. There are two ways to trigger the Siren: select the Siren in the APP list or hold the Action button. Before starting, please pay attention to adjusting the headphone volume, the sound will increase from small to loud.


FAQ6: What's so subtle about the Wayfinder watch face?

The Apple Watch Ultra is equipped with an exclusive Wayfinder dial. When the watch rotates, a real-time compass will indicate the direction, making it easier for outdoor athletes to keep track of their bearings. The dial also has a particular design, you can rotate the Digital Crown to activate Night Mode. Why does the Night Mode have such a high priority and be placed specifically on the Digital Crown? It’s because the Ultra series itself is aimed at people who love outdoor sports. Sometimes when hiking for a long time and the sky is completely dark, the human eye becomes very sensitive to light, any excessive light will affect the comfort and observation of the eyes. In Night Mode, it is easy to view the information on the dial.

Apple Watch Ultra Wayfinder watch face


FAQ7: How can the backtracking feature of the compass prevent getting lost?

The new Compass App allows you to mark your current point and avoid getting lost with the backtracking feature. When you are hiking into an area with no signal, you can start marking and recording your waypoint, which is much like a coordinate compass in a game, will display the direction of the beacon in real time. When you reach the end of the line or want to go back and can't find your way, turn on the backtracking function, and it will take you back to the starting point. Compass Waypoint and Backtracking are available on both the Apple Watch Ultra and S8, but the Ultra will have better accuracy based on dual-frequency GPS.


FAQ8: Can I track my period only if I wear it at night?

Yes, like the S8, Apple Watch Ultra can also predict menstrual periods and ovulation days by monitoring temperature changes, but it can only perform effective body temperature monitoring to track and predict menstrual periods after someone falls asleep. This is because in medicine only when a person is at rest after sleeping, the body temperature is stable and regular, while daily activities, such as exercise, eating will affect the body temperature fluctuations, and can not be used as an effective reference. So tracking menstruation can only be used for ladies? Apple experts say not necessarily. Below brings us to the hidden feature of Apple Watch Ultra.

Apple Watch Ultra Period


FAQ9: Hidden feature: Can men monitor their prostate?

In fact, men can also turn on and use the Temperature sensing feature. The data is recorded in the wrist temperature, and the data fluctuations can also reflect the health of the prostate.


FAQ10: Who is the Apple Watch Ultra really for?

Ultra is the new high-end series of Apple Watch, an ultimate sports watch, for people who push the limits. Based on the SE series, the Ultra series adds stronger performance and a more expensive price. It is aimed at outdoor and extreme sports enthusiasts, but not necessarily, and it is not surprising if it is only used for daily wear.


Above is some information summarized about Apple Watch Ultra. For more information about Apple Watch, please follow our blog.

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