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Are iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 Cases the Same?

Are iPhone 13 and 14 cases the same

Because of the similarity in looks, many people think that iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 can use the same case. However, are iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 cases the same?

The answer is definitely no. The size of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 are the same, but they have slightly different buttons and cameras, so there will be differences in the design of the case.

Let's compare the similarities and differences between iPhone 13 and iPhone 14:


The same points

iPhone 14 normal version is almost the same as iPhone 13 normal version in terms of appearance, both have 6.1-inch screen, bangs screen design, and dual rear camera lens.


The different points

In terms of color, iPhone 13 has red, white, black, blue, pink, and green, while iPhone 14 has deleted pink and green, added purple and yellow, and blue has been slightly modified. The rear camera module of the iPhone 14 will be bigger and thicker, and the previous iPhone 13 case may not be able to continue to be used on iPhone 14. Besides, due to the larger camera module, the iPhone 14 is also slightly heavier than the iPhone 13.

In general, iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 cases are not universal. There is a special case that makes the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 cases universal, which enlarges the camera part of the case design, but then it is not a perfect fit for the iPhone 13 and affects the aesthetics.

Otofly's cases are designed with the small differences between the various iPhone size in mind, so the cases in the store are not universal. Therefore, when customers are shopping, they should first go to the iPhone settings board to confirm their phone size and check the product title before placing an order. We have written the corresponding phone size in all the product titles to avoid our customers choosing the wrong product.

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