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iPhone silicone case from OTOFLY

If your phone is easily broken or scratched in daily use, don't worry, the phone case can reduce your concern. After wearing the phone case, the sense of security will also be improved. You don't have to worry too much about the problem of the phone being broken, and you can use it with peace of mind and at will. And there are many options for phone cases, but let's talk about OTOFLY iPhone case specifically.


Founded in 2015, OTOFLY is an experienced American brand seller in the field of iPhone cases. It offers high-quality phone cases in a variety of colors. It can satisfy my pursuit of various colors. The variety of colors makes me fall in love with its phone case quickly. I can choose the color of the phone case according to my outfit. This will keep me looking for freshness.


Of course that's not just one of the reasons why I like it. Now let me say that I prefer two kinds of phone cases, one is a iPhone magnetic frosted phone case, and the other is a silicone magnetic mobile phone case.


Lightweight Feel and Full Protection

The OTOFLY silicone iPhone case is made of high-grade liquid silicone, plus their upgraded vapor-phase coating technology, which feels great in the hand, just like a baby's smooth skin. And it's light and thin, so it doesn't feel bulky on your phone. I can fit it in my pocket without being bulky. They have upgraded the frame. A polymer frame has been added without affecting the use of the camera. Protection provides extra protection for the camera's lens by raising the edge of the screen to prevent scratches, and all side buttons still work and are easy to press. The phone case holes are precise, don't block the lens and are not too loose, and it's very easy to install. Even with the phone case on, the buttons are still easy to press. The phone case is transparent, simple and durable, and looks very delicate. The magnetic phone case is very sensitive with wireless charging.




All-inclusive Anti-drop and Fast Charging

The OTOFLY iPhone magnetic frosted case is for iPhone 13 pro max with built-in magnetic connector and compatible with MagSafe chargers. This iPhone 13 Pro max case makes wireless charging faster and easier than ever, and automatically locates the charging location, making it much easier for me to charge when I don't have a charger with me. At the same time, this phone case is a transparent back panel, which restores the original color of the mobile phone, and also restores the feel of the buttons, which is full of usability. Most importantly, it has built-in protection features at all four corners, a 360-degree bumper cushioning structure and split shock absorption. It can quickly rebound the impact caused by the falling of the mobile phone, and comprehensively protect all corners of the mobile phone.


I prefer to use this case because I don't like to carry a charger with me, especially when I travel I like to carry a small amount of luggage. It also charges perfectly with my wireless charger, haven’t found many cases before that do, so that is an extra plus on this case for me!What I also like the most about it is that the case is light and thin in the hand, feels great in the hand, and it doesn't pick up dust, keeping my phone clean all the time. The most important is I don't have to worry about my phone breaking if I drop it on the ground.



Ideal Color

OTOFLY iPhone case is solid color phone case. I like the simple and elegant case. If you don't pursue overly fancy patterns, this must be your first choice. Fresh colors will also make your phone look cleaner and fresher.


There are so many choices I face, which makes it very difficult for me a lot of the time. So I've picked two of my favorite phone cases out there, and they're really great for me.


iPhone 13 Silicone Case


This green magnetic phone case must be my first choice. Green is one of my favorite colors. It's just amazing to have it on my phone case, it goes with everything and always suits any style of shooting I'm in. If it's a dark scene, it spruces up my photo, and if my photo is bright, it's the icing on the cake. The green phone case doesn't get dirty easily like the white phone case. The green phone case will look more textured, making the phone overall look very premium.


The pink phone case is also the one I grab the most.Pink phone cases are the color of spring. Girls always like cute things, right? I don't think any girl would say no to pink. Pink can blend with all lovely things, it can keep my mood always happy.The phone case with super good texture and super cute color is the best match for the phone.I’ve gotten so many compliments on this case so far, safe to say that I LOVE it.


Customer First

At OTOFLY, customer first is their service tenet. No matter which phone case is purchased in their store, they will provide us with the highest standard of customer service. If you are not satisfied with the phone case or have any quality problems, they can always handle these and help me seriously.The price of OTOFLY’s phone cases is very reasonable. Compared with other merchants, their total cost performance is the highest. I like the texture of their case, it's very comfortable and protects my phone well, be it phone or camera.


All in all, OTOFLY is a great brand for those who want to protect their phone from all dangers while still being stylish. I will always choose it ! Maybe do you want to try?You will find your phone case here.

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