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Samsung Galaxy S23 clear case

The history of cases in OTOFLY

Our company started selling phone case on Amazon in 2015, and has been committed to creating high-quality liquid silicone of mobile phone cases for seven years. We pioneered and always keep loyal to the "born for colors" belief, and constantly increase the colors that can be used on mobile phone cases to meet the individual needs of different customers. Start from five colors from the very beginning and keep adding new popular colors that can be matched with a variety of fashion styles.

We never stop reforming and developing new products. In order to adapt to the changes in the market and meet the individual needs of consumers, so now we are about to launch a brand new series of clear cases made of high hardness glass, which is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S23.


What’s the features of a clear case?

It’s made of high hardness glass as the back panel, and can protect it from sudden drops, bumps, and impacts as well as preventing it from all kinds of scratches. It can play a better role in protecting everyone's phone, and it can also make you have a better shopping experience.

This clear case is the same as the previous cases in terms of protecting the phone. The difference is that this time we chose a transparent glass as back panel. Facts have proved that our new clear case has enough protection and a more natural appearance. Ordinary phone cases will blocking the original color of the phone while provide protection. But the clear case with a glass back panel allows you to show the most original phone color. Phone cases play a protective role at the same time, should not obscure its own original color, or consumers choose the same model of different colors of the phone is meaningless. And the clear case with a high hardness glass back panel has solved this issue perfectly, which protects the phone while perfectly displaying the original color of the phone.


It can also give your phone a full body protection. We care for every detail and corner of your phone, you are always the first one to us. Compared to the phone screen shattered after the impact, and then to replace the phone screen or even the phone, a small phone case is a good deal.


Compared with ordinary liquid silicone cases, what are the advantages of the updated clear case with a glass back panel?

First of all, as our brand-new product, we spent several months on continuous experiments. And from the continuous experiments that last for several months, it is find out that the case can fully protect the phone from all kinds of accidentally impacts, and using a clear glass back panel can give you phone a strengthened protection which can give you phone a thoughtful protection, cause we don’t miss every detail and corner, aiming to produce a perfect case to give your phone a considerably great protection.

If you haven't bought new equipment for your Samsung Galaxy S23, you might as well try it now, add some protection to your life. Now join the OTOFLY family.

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