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How to Change Apple Watch Band

Apple Watch band

Materials Required for Band Replacement:

An Apple Watch
An Apple Watch band


The Practical Steps:

  • First, turn the watch over so that its back is facing you.
  • Press the release button, then slide the band sideways to remove it.
  • If the band does not slide out, press the release button again and be sure to press on it.
  • Identify the front and back of the band and place the internal surface facing you, then slide in the new band until you hear a click.

That's how you get a new band for an Apple Watch.


Best Bands for Your Apple Watch 2023

Three Types of Apple Watch Bands from OTOFLY:


1. Trail Loop Band ( Space Gray / Black / Stone )

Apple Watch Trail Loop Band

Made from woven nylon, which makes it strong enough. At the same time, the nylon material used to make this band makes itself resilient. There is no metal buckle with the band, it will bring you a comfortable wearing feeling to your skin and wrist. In addition, Velcro stickers are used to adjust and fix it to fit the wrist size. Easy to put on and fixed, one of the perfect Apple Watch bands for men and children, and the elderly. 


2. Alpine Loop Band ( Clover / Kumquat / Stone / Black ) 

Apple Watch Alpine Loop Band

Made of two layers of woven textiles laminated together and sewn together with high-strength yarns, which makes it both strong and durable, the two-layer textile brings it more flexibility. The G-type stainless steel anti-corrosion metal buckle slips easily into the loop to fix the band for security, and once installed properly, it's hard to shake it off or it will release itself. With the two-layer textile on, it's super durable and abrasion resistant, perfectly for soldiers, adventurers and athletes.


3. Ocean Band ( Seventeen trendy colors) 

Apple Watch Ocean Band

The Ocean Band is molded and made from superior fluoroelastomer with built-in and hollowed-out holes, which makes it not only flexible but also soft and ventilated at the same time like it was breathing. There are two stainless steel metal buckles on the band, one is to fix the band in a proper place and the other one is to bind the extra part of the band. Due to its soft and skin-friendly material, it has good elasticity and ductility and it's also easy to clean once got stained. Stylish and super soft, exactly one of the best Apple Watch bands for women and kids. For extra length, an extension band is sold separately if you are in need.

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