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How to Choose a Perfect Pixel 7 Case

How to Choose a Perfect Pixel 7 Case

What kind of phone case should we choose? What features should we notice? When choosing a case to protect your beloved phone, what things should you pay extra attention to? We’ve collected some noteworthy points for your reference.


Things We Should Pay Attention to When Choosing a Phone Case

There are some specific features for reference when picking a perfect phone case, which includes everything from the materials used to make the case to authentic reviews from customers. For all of these, we will take Google Pixel 7 case from OTOFLY as an example and describe in detail in this article how to pick a perfect case that best suits your needs.

1. The Material Used

First of all, the focus can be put on the materials used to make the phone case. For the materials themselves, we can focus on what materials are mainly used and whether the materials themselves are environmentally friendly. We can also pay attention to the functional characteristics, such as how soft and protective it is. Likewise, we can also pay attention to fashion, such as color, style, pattern, and so on.

In terms of the material itself, most cases on the market are made of liquid silicone, Polycarbonate, Thermoplastic Polyurethane, or all of the above and mixed with tempered glass. 

  • Liquid silicone rubber features high elasticity and has excellent electrical, chemical, and temperature resistance.
  • Polycarbonate isstrong, stiff, hard, tough, transparent engineering thermoplastics.
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is a melt-processable thermoplastic elastomer with high durability and flexibility. It has the characteristics of both plastic and rubber and thus exhibits properties like durability, flexibility as well as excellent tensile strength.
  • Tempered glass is considered safety glass. It is difficult to break.


Different material has different advantages and disadvantages, there’s no single case that can combine the advantages of all materials, so you can determine what kind of material you want to choose for your phone case based on your needs and the scenarios in which you use the case.


Take the Google Pixel 7 case from OTOFLY for example, it is made of liquid silicone, which has superior softness and breathability, feels delicate, soft, and thin, and offers up to nine good-looking and popular solid colors while giving full protection, which can better adapt to different needs and different styles.

Pixel 7 Case from Otofly


2. Phone Model

The second point is that before placing an order for a phone case, please pay extra attention to the phone model you’d love to place an order for your device, otherwise it is easy to buy the model that does not match the phone case, when the time to return or exchange words and more trouble, and waste of time. So before you place an order, you can check on your phone model, and then you can search for words like iPhone 14 Pro case on the Amazon platform, then you can see a lot of cases compatible with iPhone 14 Pro, and this model number is just an example.


So how to check your phone model? If it's been too long since you bought the phone and you've forgotten about it, the following steps can help you: go to Settings > General > About. To the right of Model Number, you'll find the part number, tap the part number.


3. Authentic Reviews

The third point is that when you are placing an order, you can refer to the price, brand, and authentic customer reviews. As for the case itself, it should be both affordable and aesthetically pleasing. The brand and the company should be professional, and you can see something from their official website. Combined with customer reviews and feedback on the Amazon platform, you can have a general understanding of the quality and details of the phone case, it usually helps a lot.

Authentic Reviews of pixel 7 case


We all know that the Google Pixel 7 mobile device is pretty price-friendly compared to any other phone that prevails in the market. But accordingly, it doesn't mean it doesn't need a good phone case to protect it from all sorts of inevitable mishaps. OTOFLY 's Google Pixel 7 case specially designed for Google Pixel 7 is just fine, it retails for less than $20 and is definitely within the daily expense of most people. Compared to other cases on the market, OTOFLY 's silicone cases not only do a great job in terms of protection capabilities, but they are also very affordable. So If you are planning to pick a nice case for your Google Pixel 7, combining the above points, OTOFLY 's Pixel 7 liquid silicone case is a very good choice.


That’s all about how to pick up a perfect phone case, hope everyone can choose the proper phone case they like after reading this article.

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