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How Will the iPhone 15 Be Different from the iPhone 14?

How will iPhone 15 differ from 14

As the release of the iPhone 15 series approaches. More and more people are getting confused about whether to wait for iPhone 15 or just buy iPhone 14. In this article, we'll be comparing and reviewing these two phones based on reliable predictions from around the web to help people make more informed decisions.



The front of iPhone 14 features the classic bangs design, while the iPhone 14 pro is equipped with a pill-shaped "dynamic island", making the overall visual effect more smooth and natural. The back of the device features a square camera module with rounded corners, and the cameras are arranged diagonally, making the overall visual effect simple and beautiful. The sides are made of aircraft-grade aluminum metal right-angled bezel, which feels comfortable in the hand and supports IP68 water and dust resistance rating, ensuring the durability of the phone in daily use.


As for iPhone 15, there are already a lot of news confirming that the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus screens will be equipped with the "Dynamic Island" design, which will devolve the iPhone 14 Pro's unique specification. In addition, while maintaining the original shape and design, iPhone 15 screen will also use Samsung's top-of-the-line M12 panels, which will reduce the power consumption of the screen, and also increase the endurance of the screen, which is more appealing compared to the iPhone 14's basic model with its age-old design of browsers and old panels.

The appearance of the iPhone14 and iPhone15 is different


Recharging port

The charging port on the iPhone 14 series is Lightning, which is one of Apple's usual design styles. European Union regulations require Apple to adopt USB Type-C (USB-C) charging ports for smart devices by the end of 2024. Sources say that the iPhone 15 series will switch to USB-C charging holes across the board and ditch the old Lightning design.

The charging port of the iPhone14 and iPhone15 is different



iPhone 14 features A15 Bionic chip, one of Apple's most powerful processors available, with excellent performance and power efficiency. iPhone 14 also features a 5-core graphics processor for a great gaming experience and graphics rendering. According to the latest news, the iPhone 15 is powered by an updated A16 bionic chip, the first to use TSMC's 4-nanometer process, the A15 bionic processor delivers 8% faster single-core performance and 13% faster multi-core performance, and has a much more efficient internal design and heat dissipation. Similarly, iPhone 15 features a 5-core graphics processor for superior gaming and graphics rendering. 

The chip of the iPhone14 and iPhone15 is different

Through a comprehensive comparison, we can find that the iPhone 15 has a significant improvement in appearance and core performance compared to the iPhone 14, without taking into account the price changes in the premise or recommend waiting for the iPhone 15.

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