iOS 18: The best 10 new features

iOS 18 The best 10 new features

Apple unveiled iOS 18 at its Worldwide Developers Conference 2024 keynote event on last Monday. Ahead of the release of the final version of iOS 18 in mid-September, here OTOFLY summary some of the best new features of iOS 18.

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1. Call Recording

In the latest iOS 18, Apple finally supports call recording. Call recording can also be converted to text and automatically extract key points. It is worth noting that in order to protect privacy and legal recording, Apple will notify the other party before recording a call.

In addition, although iOS 18 supports call recording, this feature is still under development. Apple plans to make it available to the public this fall, but some features, more languages and apps support will need to wait until next year, and it will only support A17 Pro chip and above, such as iPhone 15 Pro.

2. Customizable App Icons

After upgrading to iOS 18, you can finally place the app icons at will. You can arrange the app icons according to your preferences, and the app icons can also automatically change the icon color according to the system's dark or light mode. Users can also customize the overall color of the icon.

3. Updated Control Center

The control center now supports customization. Users can add more controls from the Controls library and adjust the layout and size of custom controls. Not only that, two icons have been added to the left and right corners of the Control Center, you can tap the left icon to remove individual buttons and the right to shut down. Users can access these controls by swiping down continuously on the home screen, which makes you easier to find things.


4. Lock and Hide Certain Apps

If you don't want your apps to be accessed by others, you can long press to lock the app. After locking, you will then require your Face ID or passcode to unlock and access the app.

If you just don't want someone to know you have a certain app on your iPhone, you can stash it in a Hidden apps folder in your App Library, again requiring Face ID to access it.

5. Support T9 Dialing

The dialing keyboard in iOS 18 finally supports T9 dialing, and there are two ways to use it.

The first is to enter the beginning of the number, and the address book will search for the corresponding contact based on the entered number and display the searched number.

The second is to tap the corresponding letter directly in the dialing keypad to search for the number by name. However, only English names are currently supported.

iOS 18 Support T9 Dialing

6. New Password Manager App

In iOS 18, Apple now separates the password section in the Settings app into a separate password app. The Password App requires Face ID to open, which basically covers the passwords that users need for daily life. In addition to basic password filling, we can also query the connected Wi-Fi passwords here. Whether it is a password shared with friends or family, it can be easily browsed, and this feature can be accessed on iOS, iPad OS, Mac OS, Vision Pro, and Windows PC.

7. Game Mode

When opening a gaming app on iOS 18, the iPhone will automatically turn on Game Mode. According to Apple at WWDC, Game Mode can minimize background activity and the Bluetooth and network will run more efficiently, reducing the delay of AirPods to ensure that the iPhone is running at a high frame rate to improve the user's gaming experience.

8. Eye Tracking

iOS 18 also adds a new Eye Tracking feature for people with ALS or other disabilities, which allows users to navigate through the iPhone or iPad interface with only their eyes. Go to Settings, click Accessibility, turn on Eye Tracking, and after completing the eye movement detection, you can control the iPhone by moving your eyes. Through this new feature, users can directly release their hands and control the iPhone with their eyes.

9. Vehicle Motion Cues

That's right, now the iPhone actually has such an amazing feature, turn on the new Vehicle Motion Cues feature on iOS 18, if the iPhone detects vehicle movement, animated dots will automatically be displayed on the edges of the screen, these dots follow the vehicle to help reduce sensory conflict without interfering with the main content.

10. More Ways to Organize Mail

The Mail app has also received a major change, mainly related to the new categorization feature. There will be a new way to manage your inbox, which is split up into Primary, Transactions, Updates, and Promotions. If you're familiar with Gmail's categories, you will find that Mail app is basically the same as it. 

Do you think the new features brought by iOS 18 are still satisfactory? Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section and discuss with everyone.

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