OTOFLY iPhone 14 Pro Max Case Review

OTOFLY iPhone 14 Pro Max Case Review

Authentic negative reviews from customers:

  1. Easily tore up.
  2. It picks dust and lint up.
  3. Easily wore and tore up.
  4. Side buttons hard to press.
  5. Chromatic aberration--honey yellow.
  6. Easily got dusty and hard to keep clean.
  7. Decorative case but not a protective one.
  8. Non-sensitive buttons once put the case on.
  9. The case round the volume buttons and the bottom is loose.
  10. Cannot put in pocket and once get in, the cloth will be pull out with the phone.

Authentic positive reviews from customers:

  1. Cute.
  2. Extremely sturdy.
  3. Durable, yet trendy.
  4. Smooth but offer a great grip.
  5. Super solid and well built, the grip is nice.
  6. Very durable, lightweight, soft and non-slip.
  7. Not too slippery and soft, the edge is raised.
  8. Easy to put things like cards underneath the case.
  9. Very soft silicone material, doesn’t pick up fingerprints.
  10. Durable and easy to hold, many color options there are.


Accept all reviews

Among so many authentic reviews from many different customers, we can have an initial impression of the iPhone 14 Pro Max case from OTOFLY. We accept all feedback and bad reviews with an open mind, and we don't sit back and just ignore them. For the bad reviews mentioned above, we acknowledge that there are many things we can do to improve our products so that we can provide a better user experience.

However, there is something that supposed to be this cause. For example, as it’s adopting the liquid silicone material as the raw material to make this silicone case, the feature of the liquid silicone is ultra smooth and soft, so it is inevitable that it will have a series of problems such as it’s slip and easy to wore and tore up, because it’s not like a clear case which is comparatively hard.


Make improvements

We’ve also noticed that most of the negative reviews mentioned that the silicone case is easy to get dirty and it will pick dust and lint up, there’s a justify reason for this defective feature of the liquid silicone cases. First of all, the dust is relatively small, so the dust can get into any tiny place, plus the liquid silicone case will generate static electricity when being rubbed, but also will be easy to absorb dust and hair and other light objects. Most of the negative reviews that said it’s sticky to pants and hard to get it out from is due to the static electricity too. So once it got dirty, a wipe will just fix.

Another mainly negative reviews are saying that once when their phone are put on the case, the button it’s hard to touch and not sensitive to use or hard to make reactions once they press on the buttons. For this defect, we’ve tested for many times and it turns out the case on the phone will not interfere with the proper using of the buttons on the phone as long as the case is put on in a appropriate way.


As for the case round the volume buttons and the bottom is loose, it’s specially designed, to make it easy for installing and removing. It can’t be so tight as a whole, otherwise, it’s easily be cracked.




Final conclusion

Last but not least, a conclusion can be drive out safely: the iPhone 14 Pro Max silicone case from OTOFLY is adopting the premium liquid silicone material, has a finger-proof and shockproof design, which is strong and durable. It can bring you a delicate skin-like touching feeling, and can bring you a better user experience in daily using. Full body protection can provide a strong protect for both the phone screen and camera lens. Lining microfiber inside will protect the inside of the phone from hard-hits and bumps. With so much protection on, it’s still thin & light and lightweight to hold and pick up. Besides , multiple color choices are provided for your choice.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Silicone Case

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