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How to Make Your iPhone 12 Safer with a Silicone Phone Case

How to Make Your iPhone 12 Safer with a Silicone Phone Case

What is a silicone phone case?

A silicone phone case, as the name suggests, is a protective phone case made of liquid silicone material. Liquid silicone is a material similar to synthetic rubber, which has softness, durability, safety, and non-toxic properties. This material is often used in the production and manufacturing of some furniture and daily necessities, such as making protective phone cases for various mobile phones.


The reason why liquid silicone is widely used in the manufacturing of phone cases is because it can absorb vibrations and to some extent prevent scratches and collisions. In terms of fashion, due to the excellent dyeing properties of liquid silicone material, silicone phone cases are generally available in multiple colors and different designs and styles, making them suitable for various phone models. Therefore, for consumers who want a simple, lightweight, and affordable way to protect their phones, silicone phone cases are an ideal choice.



Why is silicone phone case a good choice?

What making silicone phone cases a good choice is not only due to the excellent protection provided by silicone phone cases, but also because liquid silicone materials can provide a unique using experience. A silicone phone case can be a good choice for several reasons:

  • Excellent Protection: The use of silicone phone cases can absorb shocks, protect the phone from accidental collisions and drops, and minimize the harm it causes to the phone, thus achieving the goal of protecting the phone and extending its lifespan.


  • Handy Grip: Liquid silicone is a non-slip material that provides a unique skin friendly touch and a soft experience, and is less prone to slipping when held in the hand. This can reduce the possibility of accidental falling during hand slipping, making your phone easier to grip.


  • Lightweight: Liquid silicone is a relatively lightweight material, even if your phone is equipped with a silicone phone case, it will not add too much volume and weight to your phone. It is still lightweight and easy to carry with, and you don't have to worry about your phone becoming bulky after using the silicone phone case.


  • Multiple Colors: Due to the special nature of liquid silicone material, it has good dyeing properties and can be dyed into various beautiful colors. Therefore, phone cases made of liquid silicone can usually provide a considerable number of different colors for you to choose from. You can choose the color you most want based on the appearance of the phone itself or personal preferences


  • Cost-Effective: Compared to other materials on the market, silicone phone cases are not as expensive and difficult to handle as leather phone cases, nor are they as prone to yellowing and dirtiness as transparent phone cases. Silicone phone cases are more affordable and cost-effective, making them the best choice for many consumers.
iPhone 12 silicone case lilac purple


    How to use a silicone phone case to protect your iPhone 12?

    Since we’ve realize silicone phone case is an ideal choice for protecting your phone, then here are some guidelines of how to use it to protect your phone, for example iPhone 12.


    1. Proper Installation: Before putting on the silicone case, make sure your iPhone 12 is free of any dirt or particles. Align the case precisely with the all buttonsand ports, then carefully press it in the right place until it fits snugly.


    1. Full Coverage: It is necessary to check whether the silicone casefully covers the areas that need protection, such as the back, sides, and various corners of the iPhone 12.


    1. Daily Maintenance: Clean the silicone phone case regularly with mild soapy water to prevent dirt from accumulating and maintain its neat appearance.


    1. Avoid Exposure to Extreme Environments: Even though liquid silicone is heat-resistant to some extent, it is not recommended to expose it to extreme temperatures. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures is highly likely to alter the properties of the liquid phone case.


    1. Gentle Treatment: Even if your iPhone 12 is protected by a silicone phone case, it is important to use the phone and case as gently as possible to avoid accidental falls and unnecessary impacts.


    1. Replace if Necessary: Over time, your iPhone 12 silicone case may experience wear or tear deformation due to prolonged use. If you notice anything, it is recommended to replace the phone case as soon as possible.


    Remember, although iPhone 12 silicone case can provide sufficient protection for your phone, it does not mean it is foolproof. The wisest approach is to use your phone with enough caution, to prevent any potential problems before they occur.

    iPhone 12 silicone case honey yellow


    Will the silicone phone case affect the normal use of iPhone 12?

    Generally, a well-designed and properly fitted silicone phone case should not significantly affect the normal use of your iPhone 12. As for the question above, you can observe through these factors to obtain the answer:

    • Accessibility to Buttons and Ports
    • Wireless Charging Compatibility
    • Speaker and Microphone Performance
    • Sensitive Touch Feedback

    iPhone 12 silicone case mint green


    Also, it's always advisable to purchase a silicone phone case from reputable and trustworthy manufacturers or brands, as their products and services will be more professional and thoughtful. In addition, reading customer reviews and product descriptions can also provide insights into whether a particular silicone case may affect the normal use of your iPhone 12.

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