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The Best iPhone 15 Case for iPhone 15 2023 - Catch Your Style OTOFLY

The Best iPhone 15 case for iPhone 15 2023 - Catch Your Style OTOFLY

After entering July, as the configuration of the iPhone 15 was basically determined, it began to enter the mass production stage, and various revelations about the iPhone 15 series also followed, including information such as the appearance, color, and naming of the phone.


The naming method of the iPhone 15 series is still the same as that of the 14 series, including iPhone 15, 15plus, 15pro, and 15promax. However, some sources pointed out that due to the naming problem of the apple watch ultra, Apple may name the iPhone15promax to iPhone15ultra, but there is no confirmation yet.


According to the news, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus retain the same colors as the iPhone 14, including light yellow, midnight, starlight, and red, and the two models of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus have added "Turquoise". The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max have added "Crimson". Similar to the color palette of the previous generation models, the colors of the two "basic" iPhone tend to be bright and relaxed, while the "high-end" iPhone continue the dark style. "Turquoise" is roughly similar to the green of the iPhone 12, but it is lighter overall; "Crimson" is different from the previous red iPhone, the overall color tone is darker, and only when there is sufficient light can it be clearly seen as red. This is consistent with the idea of coloring "Dark Purple".

iPhone 15 new colors

OTOFLY iPhone 15 Case will continue the design of the iPhone 14 series of silicone  cases: made from superior quality liquid silicone which offers better soft handle feeling than traditional cases and support wireless charging. Ultra slim profile follows the phone's original design, its slim form will not make the phone bulky and give you a confident hold.


OTOFLY iPhone 15 Case will provide 20+ color choices, adds a splash of color to your device.When choosing a mobile phone case, different colors can represent different personalities, and will also bring different feelings to the viewers. Let’s see what kind of information your favorite color conveys?


1. iPhone 15 case Blue series

The calming hue of blue is a popular signature color, bringing a sense of security, strength, wisdom and trust.


2. iPhone 15 case Red series

The powerful color red is associated with excitement, energy, strength, fearlessness and passion. It tends to give people a vibrant feeling, and the bright colors can also make people's eyes shine.


3. iPhone 15 case Orange series

The bright color of orange conveys confidence, creativity and courage. Orange also creates a feeling of warmth due to its association with the sun.


4. iPhone 15 case Yellow series

Similar to orange, yellow represents youth and happiness. Many products use yellow to tap into optimism, creativity, extroversion and warmth.


5. iPhone 15 case Green series

Green represents life. Reminiscent of grass, trees and bushes, green brings about feelings of relaxation, health, prosperity, hope and freshness.


6. iPhone 15 case Purple series

Purple symbolizes royalty and superiority. In the Roman Empire, high officials wore Tyrian purple, which was more expensive than gold at the time. Purple produces an aura of wisdom, wealth and maturity.


7. iPhone 15 case Black series

Black as the main color can make your style more refined, powerful and elegant. Sometimes, black can also represent mystery or coolness, with a very strong personality.


8. iPhone 15 case White series

If you're after a clean, simple vibe, white might be ideal. Along with black, white evokes modernity and helps create a pure, innocent and rustic look.


9. iPhone 15 case Pink series

As the most popular color representing femininity, pink appears younger, more imaginative, full of vitality and youthful atmosphere.

OTOFLY iPhone 15 Silicone Case


What do your favorite colors represent? However, no matter what color it is, it is a display of personal style. Please look forward to the OTOFLY iPhone15 series silicone phone case, there is always a color for you!

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