Things You Need to Know About Apple Pay - OTOFLY

Things you need to know about Apple Pay - OTOFLY
Apple Pay is one way to pay, it replaces your physical cards and cash with an easier, safer, more secure, and private payment method--whether you're in a store, online, or sending cash to friends or family. It's money, made modern. It has the following features:
  1. Personal data. Protected.
  2. Your purchases stay private.
  3. Tap more, touch less.


Is Apple Pay the Same as Apple Cash?

Apple Cash uses Apple Pay to make shopping fast, safe, private, and easy. Since Apple Pay is accepted by over 85 percent of retailers in the U.S., there's almost no end to where and how you can shop with your Apple Cash card — whether you're in a store, online, or in an app. It's your money, made modern.

What Is the Difference Between Apple Pay and Apple Wallet?

  • Apple Wallet or Wallet, in short, is considered Apple's answer to digitizing the cards overflowing your pockets, purse, or billfold and this includes Apple Pay.
  • The app stores virtual versions of all your coupon pass, tickets, credit cards, debit cards, and loyalty cards making it easier to access the cards at any time.
  • The wallet is always online and it is also location-aware meaning it can pull up and update the gate number on your boarding pass or the balance on your coffee shop card.
  • With this feature, you always know where you need to be and how much you have left.
  • Apple Pay, on the other hand, is a mobile payment service or a digital wallet that allows you to make payments in iOS apps, and on the web.
  • Apple Pay doesn't store coupons, boarding passes, and tickets like Apple Wallet.
  • Instead, it digitizes a credit or debit card chip and PIN transaction at a contactless point-of-sale terminal.
  • It is the same as contactless payments used in many countries, but it has an addition of two-factor authentication via face ID, Touch ID, PIN, or passcode.

Apple Pay

What's the Point of Apple Pay?

It is the simplest and fastest way to pay.

Without Apple Pay:

Reach into the pocket and pull out the wallet;
Put down whatever you're holding in the other hand;
Pick the right card from the wallet;
Stick the card in the chip reader;
Put the card back in the wallet (in the proper place);
Put the wallet back in the pocket
Bend down to pick up the thing that you had to put down in order to get the card out of the wallet.

With Apple Pay:

Pull the phone out of the pocket;
Put it against the terminal and look at it (to unlock with Face ID) or unlock with Touch ID;
Phone beeps;
Put it back in the pocket.
No need to put down whatever you're holding in the other hand.
It is faster, simpler, more convenient, and not to mention far more secure than anything else.

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