User Experience About Spatial Video Capture on iPhone 15 Pro

User Experience About Spatial Video Capture on iPhone 15 Pro

It's been a while since Apple's iPhone 15 release, and for those looking for a better experience, the iPhone 15 Pro series is more than worthy of attention. This series of phones features a titanium alloy body that is both lightweight and rugged, and is powered by the new generation A17 Pro chip. iPhone 15 Pro Max offers a 5x optical zoom camera for the first time. However, some users have mentioned that this generation of iPhones brings an update to a seemingly minor feature that has a major impact - shooting Spatial video.


What Is Apple's Spatial Video?

Spatial video is said to be a type of 3D video created by Apple for the Vision Pro headset, where the combination of the iPhone 15 Pro's main camera and ultra-wide-angle camera can record videos with a sense of three-dimensionality and depth, giving users an immersive feeling as they revisit these memories on the Vision Pro.

Currently, there is a shift from 2D to 3D in the information that people are exposed to in their daily lives. This includes the 3Dization of artwork, the ongoing pursuit of cinematic 3D assets in games, and the increasing sophistication of film and television in terms of immersive sound and 3D visual effects, to name a few. The demand for interactions with depth, immersion and spatiality is increasing. As this trend develops, 3D video is expected to become a new mainstream image display format in the future.

Apple's initiative has not only boosted the development of Vision Pro, but also consolidated the iPhone's market position. From a longer-term perspective, the 3D content generated by iPhone is not only useful to Apple, but also enriches the content library of the entire XR industry.

What Is Apple's Spatial Video?


Memories for a 3D Future

The precious memories recorded through this phone will be able to be rendered in a lifelike panoramic effect when using the Vision Pro, and this panoramic photo and video will give users an immersive experience. To enable this innovative spatial video capture, Apple has brought a unique feature specifically for spatial computing. The iPhone 15 Pro is now able to capture spatial videos with a three-dimensional feel using the ultra-wide angle and the main camera together. These videos can be recreated and shared through Vision Pro.

The introduction of this feature is significant as the iPhone stays with the user so that the user does not miss any important moments. By using the spatial video feature, users can easily capture and record these precious moments.

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