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What’s the Difference Between Samsung S23 Ultra and S24 Ultra

What’s the Difference Between Samsung S23 Ultra and S24 Ultra

Samsung officially released Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra on January 18, and the much-anticipated Samsung S24 Ultra and S23 Ultra have become the focus of consumer discussion. This article will compare the two phones to help you better understand their differences so that you can make a more informed choice.


Some upgrades of Samsung S24 Ultra over S23 Ultra:

1. Phone Material

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is designed with a titanium frame and a 6.8-inch AMOLED flat display. Compared with the aluminum metal frame of the S23 Ultra, titanium is a stronger, more durable material with higher corrosion and wear resistance than traditional metal, which allows the titanium frame to better protect the phone and extend its lifespan.


2. Processor

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is powered by the latest Snapdragon Gen3 processor with GPU up to 3.39Hz, which delivers more powerful computing and graphics processing capabilities to improve the overall performance and user experience of the phone. The heat sink is almost double the size of its previous generation for very strong performance, and the ray tracing feature during gaming makes shadows and reflections in the game very realistic.


3. RAM and Storage

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra starts at 12GB+256GB, which is an improvement over the 8GB+256GB version of the S23 Ultra. In addition, the S24 Ultra also offers a larger storage version for users to choose from, with up to 12GB+1TB RAM combination.


4. Peak Brightness

Samsung S24 Ultra's screen has a higher peak brightness of 2,600nit in outdoor sunlight environments, potentially providing a better display.


5. Screen Material

The screen of Samsung S24 Ultra has been upgraded from Victus 2 to Corning Armor, which has higher scratch resistance and reflective properties, reducing the problems of screen scratches and reflections.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra


6. Galaxy AI

The Samsung S24 series focuses on AI intelligent experience with four new AI functions:

  • Circle to search

Users can circle the picture and then easily get the information of the items inside the picture through the AI smart picture recognition function.

  • Live Translate

Two way real-time voice and text translation, supports 13 language translations. During real-time translation, the user can select the other party's language, and the system can automatically recognize it. You can even turn off the other party's original voice, and the other party can hear the synthetic voice after automatic translation.

  • Note Assist

It can help users quickly summarize the content of notes. For users who often have meetings or are used to taking notes, this feature can save a lot of time.

  • Generative Edit

Users can perform a variety of complex AI operations on photos, such as resizing and intelligent retouching, to make photos more beautiful and clever composition.

Samsung S24 Ultra Galaxy AI


Some advantages of Samsung S23 Ultra over S24 Ultra

1. Price

Samsung S24 Ultra 12GB + 256GB debuts at $10,199 on the official website, while the S23 Ultra 12GB + 256GB costs $8,499. Samsung S23 Ultra is more affordable than the S24 Ultra. If you are on a limited budget, it might be better to go for the S23 Ultra.


2. Curved Screen Design

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra features a 6.8-inch AMOLED curved screen design, which is more attractive and unique to some users.


3. Camera

Although Samsung S24 Ultra has some camera upgrades, the camera performance of the S23 Ultra is still very powerful, including a 10-megapixel 10x telephoto lens, which is sufficient for daily use for users who do not have high requirements for shooting.


To sum up, the Samsung S24 Ultra has been upgraded compared to the S23 Ultra in terms of appearance design, performance, hardware configuration, screen quality and heat dissipation performance. At the same time, both phones support functions such as stylus, Dual SIM Dual Standby, USB 3.2 Gen1, Bluetooth 5.3, stereo speakers, NFC, IP68 waterproof and dust resistance.

Samsung S23 Ultra vs Samsung S24 Ultra



The two phones have similar performance and functions in many aspects. If you have high requirements for appearance, like straight screen design and pursue higher performance, and have sufficient budget, have a higher demand for camera performance, and are interested in “Circle to Search”, “Live Translate” and other AI features, then it is recommended to go with the S24 Ultra. If you are looking for value for money and have a preference for slightly curved screen design, then the S23 Ultra is a more affordable choice.

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