Why Do People Prefer Liquid Silicone as a Phone Case?

Why do people prefer liquid silicone as a phone case?

As the styles and functions of mobile phones become more and more diverse, people have many choices of phone cases. From the color and style to different materials, there are different prices and various materials in the market, but they look similar. We are very familiar with mobile phones, but we may not know much about phone cases. The most common materials for phone cases are TPU and liquid silicone, so what is TPU and what is liquid silicone?

  • TPU is a widely popular soft plastic in the market. The chemical name is Thermoplastic polyurethanes. TPU elastomer is a material between rubber and plastic. After the plastic is heated and melted, they are bucketed into plastic molds to make the product.
  • Liquid siliconeis relative to solid high-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber. It is a liquid glue with good fluidity, and fast vulcanization is safe in environmental protection, and even can fully meet food-grade requirements.

TPU vs silicone phone case


According to online data, most people are willing to choose phone cases made of liquid silicone, so why do people prefer liquid silicone phone cases?

From the definition alone, we can't tell which material is better for a phone case completely, so we can analyze them from the aspects that we most often consider:

1. Touch feeling

The feel of the silicone phone case is moisturizing. It feels softer and skin-friendly and more elastic; while the TPU phone case has a layer of silicone oil on the surface, it will be harder to touch.

2. Protection for phones

    Liquid silicone has excellent elasticity, so the silicone phone case can effectively buffer against impact and bumps, preventing damage to the phone, and it is not easy to damage itself compared to hard plastic cases, even the water resistance is good. In contrast, the TPU material itself is hard and has less protection when the phone is bumped.

    3. Safety

      Food-grade liquid silicone is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Because of its high food safety, this material is also used to make baby pacifiers. Liquid silicone phone cases made of this material are free from unpleasant odors and volatile substances that can affect your health.

      4. Appearance

        Because TPU has very good injection performance, it can be used as a transparent mobile phone case, and can also be processed, such as painted patterns, and 3D embossed feel, and can become very high-end after electroplating. The performance of silicone is limited. Generally, different pigments are added to the material to make multiple bright colors. However, the disadvantage of TPU is that it is easy to deform and turn yellow. If you buy a light-colored product such as transparent, after three or four months of use, it will easily turn yellow, foggy, and sticky. The liquid silicone is resistant to dirt, drops, and yellowing, and feels good, and the parting line is not obvious if you look closely.

        liquid silicone phone case


        The liquid silicone phone case is highly elastic silicone, which has good anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, and anti-oil performance, and is soft, non-deformable, non-discolored, effectively moisture-proof, waterproof, and embedded with velvet, which can effectively prevent the back of the phone from being worn. This is probably why more and more people are choosing liquid silicone as phone cases.

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