Why Does My iPhone 14 Got Hot Easily?

Why does my iPhone 14 got hot easily?

If you are an iOS user, you may have experienced or are experiencing excessive heat now or even feel like it almost burning on your hand after using it for some time. If you are suffering from this and there is no feasible way to do it, then reading the following article will be of great help to you.


My new iPhone 14 always got hot

There are several common heating problems. For example, you are using your mobile phone, but it is getting hotter and hotter while you are using it. Or you are charging, and the phone is about to be fully charged. When you want to unplug the charging cable, you find it is very hot, as if it is going to explode in the next moment. It is also possible that your mobile phone is hot in the hot weather, your phone got easily heated under spicy weather.


The mobile phone suddenly becomes warmer and even hotter than before, there is something must be wrong, it may be some abnormal things happened to your phone, and it is these abnormal conditions that cause your phone to overheat abnormally. Now let's explore the possible reasons for the abnormal heating of your mobile phone.


What’s the reason for iPhone heating?

In most cases, it can be divided into the following situations:

  • CPU over-run - When using your mobile phone frequently, the CPU with full load will generate more heat than usual.
  • System compatibility- If the iOS version of the mobile phone is too old, the phone will run unstably or there would be an abnormal warm-up due to the system incompatibility.
  • Hardware - If the main board or battery as well as the processor inside the phone fails, the abnormal heating of the phone is due to hardware broken.
  • External environment - Using a phone in hot weather, the metal back of the device will absorb heat from the external environment, and the internal heat will also radiate to the back, resulting in rapid warming.
  • Thick phone case - For the device itself, the heat dissipation effect of the metal back of the device is inherently poor, but most people will use a thick and poor heat dissipation performance phone case.
What’s the reason for iPhone heating


How to fix the hot iPhone?

What should we do when iPhone 14 got hot? Here are some feasible measures:

  • Restart your phone - Most temporary problems can be solved by restarting the phone.
  • Close unnecessary applications- Double-click the home key to close the currently unused program on the device.
  • Find and uninstall the wrong application - Go to Settings> Privacy > Analyse > Analyse Data, and delete the crashed program from the list of failed applications.
  • Update to the latest iOS version - Go to Settings > General >Software update. If the latest version is available, please upgrade to the latest iOS system
  • View battery report - Find the most power-consuming applications and use them as little as possible.
  • Restore factory settings - This is a universal method, which is not only applicable to the abnormal heating of smartphones but also applicable to various phone problems that are difficult to solve. However, be careful before using this method, backup and save all data in the phone, because this operation will erase all data in your phone.
  • Choose a phone case with good heat dissipation - A phone case with good heat dissipation is not like a thick phone case that only provides protection but cares nothing for heat dissipation.


Is it get hot easier while charging the iPhone with a silicone phone case?

Generally speaking, phone cases on the market when being used will more or less affect the charging or cooling of mobile phones.


While OTOFLY mobile phone cases, such as the iPhone 14 pink silicone case, is doing a good job in heat dissipation. OTOFLY iPhone case uses high-quality liquid silicone as the material for making mobile phone cases. The liquid silicone is characterized by soft, skin-friendly, breathable, and good heat dissipation performance. Therefore, the phone case made of liquid silicone is also known as a case that can breathe.


When using OTOFLY 's silicone phone case, it will not affect the phone's charging and cooling, so you don't need to remove the phone case specifically when using or charging the phone, which will not affect the user experience at all.

iPhone 14 silicone case

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