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Why We Choose MagSafe iPhone Case?

Why we choose MagSafe iPhone case?

Starting with the iPhone 12 series phones, for the first time in iPhone history, the entire series supports 5G, supports 20W PD wired fast charging, and brings the new wireless charging technology, marking the beginning of a new era for iPhone.


There is no doubt that wireless charging has brought a lot of convenience to our lives. In the office or at home on the desk, the phone adsorbed to the wireless charger above, you no longer need to care about the phone's power; night before going to bed, you just put the phone on top of the wireless charger, you can sleep without worry, and do not need to find the charging cable. Wired plug and unplug becomes wireless put down and take away, bringing an untethered experience. 

iPhone MagSafe case

Compared with the traditional charger, there is a big difference in the use of MagSafe charger. In terms of appearance, the MagSafe charger is flat and round in shape, comes with a power supply cable, small and lightweight. When we place the phone, the MagSafe charger pops up directly because of the powerful magnetic force, automatically aligning with the magnetic ring on the phone and firmly adsorbing it. The transmitting and receiving coils reach a millimeter-level alignment accuracy that cannot be achieved by human beings, thus achieving high-efficiency and high-power charging. The MagSafe charger with magnetic iPhone case will make the charging time spent shorter because the magnetic iPhone case allows us to charge wirelessly without removing the case.


Of course, there are disadvantages. When using the compass, the magnetic iPhone case will have some effect on the accuracy of the compass, resulting in directional pointing deviation, but there is no effect on other functions or internal data. In addition, when using the MagSafe charger to charge the phone, it is possible that a circular imprint will be left on the back of the case in contact with the MagSafe accessory. Frankly, this is not very friendly for some people who are detail-oriented, or have OCD. If you do not care about these shortcomings, you can choose to use the magnetic case, so that charging is more convenient and fast.

OTOFLY iPhone MagSafe case


To use MagSafe charger better, you need magnetic ring on your phone case. If you want to experience this kind of case, OTOFLY MagSafe iPhone case is highly recommended.


OTOFLY silicone case with MagSafe is made of SGS certified advanced liquid silicone and PC material with our upgraded vapor coating technology to provide you with a warm and moisturizing feeling like baby's skin. The surface of the case is slightly moist to the touch and there is no logo, a simple design. No matter how long you hold it, it never leaves a fingerprint and this iPhone case is even a little cute. And on the inside, there’s a soft microfiber lining for even more protection. The most practical point of this magnetic function is to make the phone wireless charging faster and easier than ever before, without removing the case can also be wireless charging. And it also applies to all Apple's accessories that support magnetic suction, so it can be very convenient. When it’s time to charge, just leave the case on your iPhone and snap on your MagSafe charger, or set it on your Qi-certified charger. 


With the OTOFLY magnetic case on, charging with the MagSafe charger is just as stable as without the case, and once attached, it's no problem at all to hoist the iPhone up with the charging cable. 


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