2023 Apple Fall Event Preview: Possible Changes to USB-C Ports for iPhone 15

2023 Apple Fall Event Preview: Possible Changes to USB-C Ports for iPhone 15

Apple will hold its fall event on September 13 at 1:00 a.m. GMT, where it will unveil the new iPhone 15 series, Apple Watch, and AirPods, and other products.

In addition, a second Apple fall event will be held in October, focusing on showcasing the iPad Pro, devices with M3 chips, and the new MacBookPro lineup, among others.

The iPhone 15 will switch to USB-C port and ditch the bangs screen.

According to the current iPhone 15 information, the new machine will usher in a series of major upgrades, including the appearance of the design, hardware configuration and software features and so on.

Overall, the main upgrade is the USB-C interface, popularized the "Dynamic Island". As for the concern about the price, analysts expect that the price of the standard iPhone 15 model will remain unchanged, while the price of the Pro model will increase by $100 to $200.

Lightning port switches to USB-C port, iPhone 15 ditching the bangs screen

According to public information, the important points of the conference are as follows:


1. iPhone 15 series

Like last year, this year is expected to iPhone 15 series will still launch iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max four new models. A reporter broke the news that Apple wants to "Ultra" model to replace the "Pro Max", that is, the highest-end model of the iPhone called "ultra", but the industry is still controversial.


All new Apple devices will have the U2 Ultra Wideband (UWB) chip

This year's Pro models will feature a faster A17 chip with a new 3nm manufacturing process and extra memory. The processor will make these models more flexible, but the biggest improvement is the extended battery life. iPhone 15 and 15 Plus will feature the slower A16 chip (the one used in last year's Pro models)

There are also reports that all new Apple devices will come with a U2 Ultra Wideband (UWB) chip. This is the first Ultra Wideband chip Apple has piled on since the U1 was introduced on the iPhone 11 Pro in 2019.

The new component is expected to improve location functionality so that people and devices can be tracked more accurately in the Find Me app. Apple plans to add the chip to the next versions of all its major products.

iPhone 15 A17 chip


All four new models will switch from Lighting to USB-C, with faster wireless charging

For wired charging and data transfer, all four new models will also switch from Lightning to USB-C ports, but the increase in transfer speeds will only apply to the Pro model. All phones will come with faster wireless charging.

In recent years, increasingly stringent environmental regulations in the European Union and around the globe, as well as increased environmental awareness, have led many manufacturers of electronic devices to seek greener solutions. One of the main changes is the standardization of charging and data interfaces for devices. Changing the charging and data interfaces to the USBC standard will undoubtedly improve the compatibility and environmental friendliness of the devices.

This will be the second time the iPhone has changed its interface. The last change was made in 2012, when Apple replaced the iPod's 30-pin connector with the iPhone 5's Lightning connector.

iPhone 15 new feature - USB-C


OTOFLY iPhone 15 case

Changing the Lighting ports to USB-C ports will make a significant difference in the charging ports, and the case opening will need to be adjusted. OTOFLY will also be launching the latest iPhone 15 cases based on the changes in the iPhone 15 series. All buttons, switches, features and functions will fit perfectly in the phone.


Pro series expected to have higher prices

As far as pricing is concerned, it is predicted that the iPhone 15 Pro series could be priced more expensively than the iPhone 14 Pro series. iPhone 15 Pro could start at $1,099, while the iPhone 15 Pro Max (Ultra) could start at $1,199. The pricing of the entry-level iPhone 15, on the other hand, is not expected to change.


2. Apple Watch Series

    This year, Apple is expected to launch two new Apple Watches: the Series 9 (which should offer the same 41mm and 45mm sizes as the current one) and the Ultra 2 (which keeps the current size of 49mm). Both watches are expected to look exactly the same as their predecessors, with Apple planning to redesign the Apple Watch in 2024.

    According to previous rumors, both the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 will come with new chips with faster processors. Apple has been using the same processor in all Apple Watch models since the Apple Watch Series 6, including the Series 8, Ultra, and second-generation SE.

    2023 Apple Watch


    3. AirPods

      The AirPods Pro 2 is expected to release with a new USB-C charging port box, and the company also plans to introduce USB-C charging on its low-end AirPods and AirPodsMax as early as next year.

      The wireless headphones aren't expected to get any other major hardware feature upgrades when they're released this year, but a software update will bring better automatic device switching, mute and unmute functionality, and a new feature called Conversation Awareness, which automatically mutes the media when a person starts talking to the wearer.

      Apple is also working on new health features for AirPods, including temperature sensing and a new hearing test system, but those enhancements probably won't be released this fall. Next year's wireless headphones may also receive the H2 chip.

      AirPods Pro 2

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