OTOFLY Releases Liquid Silicone Case for iPhone 15

OTOFLY Releases Liquid Silicone Case for iPhone 15

OTOFLY announces the launch of the new iPhone 15 Liquid Silicone Case, offering users a full range of protection and personalization options.


United States, Sept. 5, 2023--OTOFLY today announced the launch of the "Born for Color" iPhone 15 silicone case series, releasing the new iPhone 15 silicone case. Otofly silicone cases correspond to four iPhone sizes: 15, 15plus, 15pro, and 15promax. They are made of premium quality liquid silicone material, which is soft enough to wrap around the phone, durable, and comfortable to the touch, are designed to provide excellent protection and stylish minimalist beauty.


This liquid silicone case for the iPhone is representative of OTOFLY, whose global sales volume has exceeded 5,000,000 orders per year. Otofly silicone caseswere designed and manufactured with thousands of hours of drop testing from a height of 8 feet. Compared to traditional hard plastic cases, the Otofly iPhone case is more durable and lightweight, has excellent impact and scratch resistance, and is able to effectively protect your precious iPhone 15.


In addition to superior protection, the iPhone 15 Case is made of soft microfiber for a comfortable, lightweight grip that won't slip off and fits easily and comfortably in a pocket or bag. A unique abrasion-resistant coating on the case that effectively protects against fingerprints and smudges, prevents yellowing over time. The fingerprint-resistant design ensures a perfect and naturally clean display for your iPhone. In order to keep all operations and interfaces simple to use, there are also precise buttons and openings along the case's edge.


OTOFLY adheres to "born for color" and has been creating more beautiful colors. There are a total of 18 colors available for the iPhone 15 silicone case cover to meet users' various requirements and personal preferences. Many of these colors are unique to OTOFLY, whether you are looking for a simple white color or a red with personality, you will be able to find the right style that suits you.

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OTOFLY believes that the iPhone 15 liquid silicone case will be the best companion for users’ iPhone 15, bringing them more convenience and peace of mind. The iPhone 15 silicone case will ensure that your phone can be used safely in a variety of locations and will give you a brand-new experience whether you are working from home, traveling, or engaging in other outdoor activities. OTOFLY looks forward to exploring and experiencing the fun and convenience brought by this new series of products with you.



OTOFLY was established in 2015 and is an experienced American brand seller in the field of iPhone accessories,with Climate Pledge Friendly and Rosh certification, aspiring to be one of the creators of minimalist aesthetics, pursuing nature and simplicity. OTOFLY is committed to creating products with high practicability while taking into account the unique and individual needs of the public, listening to the voices of customers, and continuously updating and iteratively optimizing our products with an "Always Day One" attitude.


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