Apple Spring Conference: New Color of the iPhone 13 Isn't the Highlight?

Apple Spring Conference New Color of the iPhone 13 Isn't the Highlight

Apple's new product launch conference always attracts the attention of technology enthusiasts and Apple fans around the world. In the early morning of March 9th, Beijing time, Apple held a new product launch conference in the spring of 2022, bringing new color matching iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, the iPhone SE, M1 Ultra chip, Mac Studio and Studio Display, a total of 6 new products.


Among the spring conferences in recent years, this year's products are the heaviest and the density of new products is the highest. When Apple CEO Cook finished talking about the new colors of Apple TV+, iPhone 13 series, the third generation of iPhone SE, and the fifth generation of iPad Air in only 20 minutes at the spring conference, everyone realized that the conference Key products are not that simple.


Alpine Green for iPhone 13 Pro & 13 Pro Max and Light Green for iPhone 13 & 13 Mini

At the beginning of the press conference, Tim Cook first showed a series of the content of Apple TV+. After that, Apple released the new color matching of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro series. Before the conference, many people guessed that the 13 series would appear purple based on the color matching of the iPhone 12. This color is darker than the previously released green-like color, adding The black look design echoes the blue of 13 Pro. Apple treats the iPhone 13 & 13 mini perfunctorily, just using a simple "green". The green iPhone 13 series will be pre-ordered at 9 pm on March 11 and will be officially released on March 18.


iPhone SE

The appearance is the same as the previous generation SE, which follows the classic design of the iPhone 8. Although the appearance does not change, the front and rear glass actually use the same super-ceramic glass as the iPhone 13 series, which is more durable than the previous generation. Further improvement, the processor unsurprisingly uses the same A15 Bionic chip as the iPhone 13 series. The addition of 5G is the upgrade of the iPhone SE compared to the previous generation.


iPad Air

Pad AirThe new iPad Air uses the same 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display as the previous generation. The new iPad Air upgrades the use of the M1 chip, which can provide an 80% increase in CPU computing power and a 2x increase in graphics performance.


M1 Ultra

This chip can be the dark horse of this conference. The M1 Ultra chip adopts a multi-die architecture design, which can reach up to 128GB of unified memory and a bandwidth of 800GB/s. Apple believes that the M1 Ultra chip is the same as the previous M1 series chips, creating an agreeable and efficient user experience.


Mac Studio and Studio Display Monitors

With the launch of the M1 Ultra, Apple also brought a new Mac with this chip, the Mac Studio. Similar to the heightened Mac mini, the back and bottom are covered with heat dissipation honeycombs, and like the MacBook Pro, which returned last year, the interface configuration is very rich, and the front is also given two Thunderbolt 4 and card readers, fully satisfying productivity needs.


High-energy is indeed the theme of this conference. At the same time, everyone can see that the most high-energy gesture is Apple itself. Some people speculate that Apple's new alpine green is also trying to convey an environmentally friendly idea. The chip plan will follow step by step. Based on top computing power, Apple will discuss experience, design, and ecology with competitors. It may be a full-blown dimensionality reduction attack.

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