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iPhone Case: Carbon Fiber vs Aramid - Which one is Better?

iPhone Case Carbon Fiber vs Aramid - Which one is Better

1. What are carbon fiber and aramid?

  • Carbon fiber is a graphite fiber composed mostly of carbon atoms. Carbon fiber is strong and rigid which made it very popular in aerospace, civil engineering, military, motorsports, and other competition sports.
  • Aramid fiber is a man-made synthetic fiber. It’s strong and heat-resistant, but also lightweight and flexible. Because of their strong composition, aramid fibers are widely used in aerospace and military applications.

Today it is also used as a material for phone cases, and both materials make very cool and protective cases. Aramid fiber material iPhone case feels great, ultra-thin models can be designed to allow girls to also hold in one hand.

OTOFLY Aramid Fiber iPhone 13 Pro Max Case and iPhone 13 pro case with MagSafe ordinary models have excellent protection, but also magnetic and support for wireless charging of iPhone.

Aramid Fiber iPhone Case with MagSafe


2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of carbon fiber and aramid?

  • Carbon fibers:

Carbon fibers have high stiffness, high strength-to-weight ratio, and high-temperature tolerance. However, carbon fiber is brittle that is likely to break on impact. And Carbon fiber is naturally black, so it is difficult to dye it a different color.

  • Aramid:

Benefit from its high strength and good resistance to abrasion, aramid can help prevent any potentially fatal damage, even if your device takes severe impacts or shocks. At the same time, aramid can makes the thinnest and lightest phone case that you’ll find in the market, compared to carbon fiber phone cases that are much heavier. Besides, aramid can be colored and can give the iPhone case a variety of wonderful colors.

3. Why we choose Aramid Fiber to make iPhone 13 Pro Max Case ?

Aramid often seen as the most suitable material for protecting phones. It has the properties of high strength and good resistance to abrasion, but also lightweight that you don't need to worry about the phone being too heavy especially when you want to carry it in your pocket. Furthermore, because of its colorability, we can make more wonderful colors for the phone cases. Aramid gives us the possibility to develop a range of phone cases that are both extremely protective and beautifully crafted.


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