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What Is the Difference Between Soft Silicone Case and Textured Silicone Case?

What Is the Difference Between Soft Silicone Case and Textured Silicone Case?

1. What is a liquid silicone iPhone case?

The mobile phone case is made of a new material liquid silica gel. Compared with traditional silica gel ,it is safer and more Eco-friendly, also reaching food-grade standards.Combined with upgraded vapor-phase coating technology, it feels excellent in your hand.And it's thinner and lighter, without adding too much weight, allowing you to travel light rather than a brick in your pocket. Liquid silicone is more tear-resistant and can protect your phone well even if you accidentally bump it a bit.Liquid silicone has superior anti-yellowing, anti-fingerprint, and anti-scratch capabilities. If you can clean it up on time, it will keep your phone case looking new.


2. The history of ordinary liquid silicone iPhone cases in OTOFLY

Our company started selling phone case on Amazon in 2018, and has been committed to creating cost-effective mobile phone cases with high-quality liquid silicone for five years.We pioneered and always remain loyal to the "born for colors" slogan, and constantly increase the colors that can be used on mobile phone cases to meet the individual needs of different customers.Start with five colors and keep adding new popular colors that can be matched with a variety of fashion styles.

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3. Compared with ordinary liquid silicone, what are the advantages of the updated silicone iPhone case?

Compared with the original silicone phone case product, the biggest difference of this product is the textured surface design. If the original product's surface was as silky as chocolate, the new product's surface is closer to the skin of fresh Florida citrus. The well-designed surface will fascinate you, but don't worry about fingerprints. In addition, the textures on the phone case can increase friction, make you more stable, and further meet the requirements of protecting your phone.In addition, OTOFLY's new product, liquid silicone phone case with textured surface, is waterproof, oleophobic, and dust-free, subverting the stereotype that silicone phone cases are easily contaminated with hair and dust, because it can always be kept clean, allowing you to bring No fear of being dirty in any everyday environment.It doesn’t only look beautiful, but also practical.


4. Future thoughts on liquid silicone iPhone 14 case

Liquid silica gel is the cutting-edge material for mobile phone case production, and textured surfaces are also our key research and development direction. Currently, only the iPhone13 series (iphone 13 case / iphone 13 pro case / iphone 13 pro max case) are products with textured surfaces, and the iPhone 11 case and iphone 14 case will be released in the near future. We always adhere to the principle of quality first, and continue to move forward on the road of developing higher quality liquid silicone mobile phone cases to satisfy every customer who always support us. Please look forward to the new products in the texture series.

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