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How Do I Fix My Apple Watch Not Charging?

How Do I Fix My Apple Watch Not Charging

Introduction to the situation when Apple Watch cannot be turned on or charged

  1. When encountering Apple Watch can't turn on, you should first check whether the current watch can't turn on because it is out of battery.
  • If you use Apple Watch for a long time but don't charge it, it is very likely that it won't turn on due to insufficient power. At this time, we just need to connect the Apple Watch to the power source, and then it will turn on automatically after charging.


  1. In addition, check if the Apple charging cable is damaged. After connecting your Apple Watch to a power source using the charging cable, you will see a green lightning bolt icon on the screen.
  • If you're using a third-party charging stand, make sure to use the charging cable that came in the Apple Watch box.


  1. Like iPhone, there is a beta version of WatchOS on Apple Watch. For those who like to try it out, they may encounter the problem of not being able to turn on the device after upgrading the beta version of WatchOS.
  • If the Apple Watch can't be turned on because of upgrading the beta system, we just need to press the [Side Button] + [Digital Crown] buttons on the side at the same time until the white Apple icon appears on the screen.


How to get Apple Watch recharged and turned on - Watch First Aid "CPR"

  • Look for the wall jack to charge!
  • Watch charging state press and hold the two buttons on the right side, more than 10 seconds, pressed 3 times.
  • Unplugged and re-plugged, then it had the Apple logo.
  • Tap on the watch in your phone's Find Device, by this time there's already a watch broadcasting sound and the screen comes out with text, tap Close and it's on!

How to get Apple Watch recharged and turned on

How to check Apple Watch battery health

First, the battery capacity query

Want to check your battery capacity, directly open the settings of the iPhone, find the [Battery], there is a [Battery Health] entrance, after entering, you will be able to see the [Maximum Capacity], the percentage behind is the actual capacity of the current battery.


Second, shortcut command query

The above method can't get the charging times and battery capacity values, so we need to use shortcut commands to check the detailed data.

  • In the shortcut command, first add the "Battery Health" shortcut command.
  • Go to the iPhone's [Settings] - [Privacy] - [Analyze], open the [Share iPhone Analytics], view the [analysis data]. If it has been turned off before, wait for 24 hours and then enter it again.
  • Then we view the analysis data, find the serial number beginning with "log", it has a time record, select the latest date, open it and click on the "Share" button in the upper right corner, select [Save to File].
  • Next, open the shortcut command, click the "Battery Health" command, select [Start Analyzing], it will open the folder that comes with the iPhone, find the file that starts with "log" that you just stored, and click it directly.
  • Wait 2 seconds to get the results of the analysis, clearly show the number of charges, design capacity, actual capacity, battery life, and the analysis time, if you can not remember, take a screenshot and save it.
How to check Apple Watch battery health

Third, Aisi Assistant query

If you often use the computer, you can install an Aisi Assistant, just a data cable, connect the iPhone to the computer, click on My Device to view [Battery Details]. The parameters displayed are more detailed, voltage, temperature, current, battery manufacturer, date of manufacture can be seen.

Daily maintenance of Apple Watch battery

  • Reduce the brightness of your Apple Watch display by going to Settings > Display & Brightness
  • Don't use workout apps to track any activity (constant heart rate monitoring drains the battery quickly)
  • Raise your arm less to wake/brighten the display


More setting options

These options may not always (or ever) be realistic, but they will save battery life:

  • Use Theater Mode (swipe up from the bottom of your watch and tap the two mask icons). This will keep your watch and iPhone connected, but prevent the watch screen from turning on when you lift your wrist and turn the intercom
  • Turn off cellular connectivity (swipe up from the bottom of the watch and tap the cellular icon in the upper left corner)
  • Use Airplane Mode (swipe up from the bottom of the watch and tap the airplane icon). This will allow you to continue to earn activity points for your Stand, Move, and Exercise goals and access other features on the watch, but will disconnect the watch from your iPhone and reduce battery consumption.
  • Power Saver Mode (Swipe up from the bottom > Tap Battery Percentage > Slide the Power Saver button. This will save a significant amount of battery, but it will only provide the option to view the current time. All other Apple Watch features are cut off, so this will likely be more of a last resort.


Save Apple Watch battery life while exercising

  • If you want/need to track your heart rate, you can save battery by using an external Bluetooth heart rate monitor from Garmin, Polar, etc., instead of using the built-in Apple Watch sensor!
  • If you can take your iPhone with you, use it for music/streaming to save even more Apple Watch battery life.

Apple also states in a support document, "Keep your Apple Watch half-charged when storing it for long periods of time. Also avoid prolonged charging or leaving your Apple Watch in hot environments, including direct sunlight."

How to check Apple Watch battery health

Using a portable charger

if you're looking to extend battery life without sacrificing the way you use your Apple Watch, wearables have some excellent portable charging options. Portable Apple Watch chargers are pocket-sized and typically provide multiple charges for your watch, and include an additional output for charging your iPhone or other devices.


If you do not want to carry this setting, you can choose Apple watch ultra carbon.The crown-shaped knob is the highlight of this Apple Watch Ultra case. The case is made of carbon fiber cover and titanium alloy, which is high-end and light.

The newly upgraded stainless steel folding buckle is not only easy to disassemble and assemble, but also friendly to your wrist. You can personalize your Apple Watch by engraving letters or numbers on the clasp.

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