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How to Remove Apple Watch Ultra Band

How to Remove Apple Watch Ultra Band

The Apple Watch comes with a variety of bands that can be changed at any time. The most common type of band you'll use is a sports band, but there are also leather bands, steel bands, and so on. When you wear the watch, you will inevitably sweat, splash stains, etc., so you need to replace it. The following is for the main three different types of straps, mainly about OTOFLY Apple Watch bands. It provides you with a nanny-level replacement of the strap operation method.

Using the Marine Strap

Before removing your Apple Watch band, you must first split the chain band into two parts. Do not use excessive force or twist the band when removing it. Follow the steps below to avoid damaging the band or buckle.

  • Closing the butterfly clasp

If the butterfly clasp is in the open position, fold it inwards, one side at a time, until you feel and hear a click.

  • Press and hold the quick release button

The quick-release buttons are located on the inside of the strap. You only need to press and hold a button.

  • Gently pull on the links

Press and hold the quick-release button while pulling. Before removing your Apple Watch band, you should split the band into two parts.

  • Removing the Band 

Press and hold the band release button, then slide the band sideways to remove it.

Apple Watch Titanium Band

Is the addition of a titanium band makes the Apple Watch Ultra stand out? Compared to stainless steel, titanium is harder, lighter, more resistant to corrosion and more biocompatible.

So how do you remove and replace the strap? Here are the exact steps:

  • Press and hold the band release button on your Apple Watch.
  • Slide the band through to remove it, then slide in a new band. Do not force the band into the band slot. If you have difficulty removing or inserting the band, press and hold the band release button again.
  • In addition to that,Apple Watch should fit snugly on your wrist for an optimal experience.

Apple Watch Titanium Band

Apple Watch Silicone Band

When it comes to silicone bands, you should not miss the Apple watch S9 band. This strap is very easy to install and replace, no tools are needed, just easy to plug and unplug to complete, saving time and effort.

It is the same as the generic way of replacing the strap, as follows:

  • Replacing the Watch Band
  • Place your Apple Watch dial side down on a clean surface, such as a microfiber lint-free cloth or soft mat.
  • If you're wearing a chain strap, start by pressing the quick-release button on the link to split the strap in two.
  • Press and hold the strap release button, then slide the strap sideways to remove it.
  • If the strap does not slide out, press the strap release button again and be sure to hold it down.
  • Make sure the side of the strap with the text on it is facing you, then slide in the new strap until you feel and hear a click.

Apple Watch Silicone Band

Further information

Do not force the strap into the groove. If you do not feel or hear a click, slide the strap to the left and then to the right. If the strap is installed correctly, it will not slide freely unless you press and hold the strap release button.

If the strap still won't lock, place the strap in the center position and push it into place. Then carefully twist the strap up and down. Do not wear your Apple Watch if the band is sliding.

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