Google Pixel 7 Review: How's the feeling of using it?

Google Pixel 7 Review How's the feeling of using it

We received a letter from one of our OTOFLY fans saying that he switched from iPhone 14 pro to pixel 7 recently. We were curious about this shift and asked them to share their reasons for choosing the Pixel and their experiences with the range in action. Because OTOFLY sells both iPhone cases and Pixel 7 case on our store.



Customer Name: Ruby

Current main model: Google Pixel 7

Start date: January 2023


Google Pixel is still the best choice for a native Android experience.

About photography

Pixel From the Nexus 6P to the Pixel 7, Google's smartphone photography experience has always been better than any other Android phone: everyone has moments in their lives that they want to capture, and the Pixel will capture those moments in the most consistent way that recreates how you actually felt in that moment; from the moment you pull out your phone to the moment you press the shutter, overexposure, shaky hands, dark images, lack of clarity ...... are not issues that should stop us from pulling out our phones to record, the Pixel gives the average user the confidence to press the shutter and record their lives in my opinion.

As a lazy photographer, I don't need to pay attention to parameters or lighting conditions, whether it's day or night, portrait or landscape, I can pick up the phone and press the shutter button, and it will take satisfying photos that are as good as the average camera.


About the software experience

The software experience is also the reason for choosing the Pixel, especially the Pixel 7. Google Pixel also opened my eyes to the possibility of "what Android could have been". Adaptive icons, edge-to-edge, FCM push and Material Design ...... are features that are rare on devices from domestic OEMs, so the Pixel's presence becomes a reminder that Android can actually be better.


However, Pixel phones have their shortcomings.

The time-consuming operation of each update makes it a bit of a hassle to maintain its stability and health on my own


Even so, we still think the pixel 7 phone is worth getting.


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