iOS 18 Rumored Features: What to expect from iOS 18?

iOS 18 Rumored Features What to expect from iOS 18

Some time ago, Apple just launched iOS 17.4 version, which brought a lot of new features. Unfortunately, some changes are only supported in the EU. However, the comprehensively revised iOS 18 is coming soon.


As we get closer to June, there are more and more revelations about iOS 18. Many apps built into the iOS system will be comprehensively revised in iOS 18, including memos, emails, photos and fitness and so on. Next, we will sort out the latest iOS 18 features and help you understand the new features and improvement directions of iOS 18 in advance.


Siri and AI Improvements

There is no doubt that AI will be the focus of this iOS18 version update. Apple has fully integrated Siri into the core of artificial intelligence, improving the capabilities of Siri and Messages applications in question and answer.


  • Siri: Itis being trained to answer complex questions more accurately and will integrate new AI systems and large language modeling technology.
  • Spotlight: AI technology will enable it to answer more complex questions and integrate more deeply into a variety of applications.

Siri and AI Improvements in iOS 18

In addition to the smarter Siri, a very large number of intelligent features can be found inside iOS that will bring deeper AI integration to apps such as Health, Messages, Numbers, Pages and shortcut commands. This means that in the future, your health management, daily communication and even productivity will be assisted by AI.


RCS for Better Texting With Android Users

Not only that, iPhone can finally transfer files to and from Android. 9to5Mac confirmed that iOS 18 will support Rich Communications Solution (RCS). This means that iOS and Android users will finally be able to directly send messages, pictures, files, videos, location and other rich media content to each other in groups.


RCS is a new messaging standard that will replace SMS (Rich Communications Services) on mobile phones. Essentially, it's the next generation of SMS for your default messaging app. The new RCS app feels more like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and other messaging apps than SMS.


AirPods Pro Hearing Aid Mode

With the release of iOS 18, the new AirPods Pro will support hearing aid mode to help hearing-impaired people better interact with their environment. As Gurman previously reported, Apple will bring "Hearing Aid Mode" to the AirPodsPro models in iOS 18, which may also support the AirPods 4 headphones that will be released this fall.


Home Screen Revamp

In terms of appearance, iOS 18 will be more personalized. The home screen can be customized. Not only can users arrange icons freely on iOS 18, they can even create empty rows and columns between icons.

iOS 18 Home Screen Revamp


Apple Maps Updates

The Maps app that comes with iOS 18 will support custom routes and topographic maps. Custom routes will allow users to choose specific roads to travel on while navigating, and will no longer be limited to the routes recommended by Maps. Topographic maps include detailed information on trails, contour lines, elevations, and points of interest for hiking and other outdoor uses.


When is iOS 18 coming out?

iOS 18 will be announced at WWDC in June 2024 and will then enter the developer testing phase, with the Beta expected to be released in July and the official version will be pushed to all compatible devices in September.


iOS 18 is expected to be compatible with the following iPhones:

  • iPhone 15 (All models)
  • iPhone 14 (All models)
  • iPhone 13 (All models)
  • iPhone 12 (All models)
  • iPhone 11 (All models)
  • iPhone XS and XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone SE (2nd gen and 3rd gen)


This year’s iOS 18 may usher in the biggest change in recent years. Which feature are you most looking forward to?

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