iPhone 16 will feature a stainless steel battery case for the first time

iPhone 16 will feature a stainless steel battery case for the first time

As a new regulation passed by the European Parliament in 2023 is about to come into effect, Apple is actively adjusting its product strategy to meet the requirements. From 2027, all Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics, including mobile phones and game consoles, will have to allow consumers to easily remove and replace batteries.

Battery will be one of the key upgrades for the Apple iPhone 16 this year. According to the iPhone rumors we know so far, iPhone 16 will adopt metal-covered battery cells, which will not only improve heat dissipation, but also increase energy density by 5% to 10%.

iPhone 16 metal case battery: improve heat dissipation and extend battery life

iPhone 16 metal case battery improve heat dissipation and extend battery life

In fact, news about the iPhone 16 metal casing battery was reported as early as November 2023. At that time, someone pointed out that the iPhone 16 battery will adopt a metal shell covering design, with a capacity of 3,355mAh, a charging limit voltage of 4.48V, and a newly designed connection cable.

Apple analyst Kuo also confirmed the metal casing battery statement a few days ago, and added in detail:

According to his supply chain survey, the battery energy density of the iPhone 16 series will increase by 5% to 10%, which of course can further extend the battery life, but the disadvantage is that it will also increase the operating temperature of the battery. In order to avoid battery overheating, Apple will use a stainless steel battery case as a heat dissipation solution for the first time.

Although the thermal conductivity of stainless steel is not as good as aluminum, it has the advantages of corrosion resistance and durability, which can provide better protection for the new iPhone battery, and also reduce the difficulty of disassembling the battery, which will help Apple comply with the requirements of new EU regulations in the future.

Ming-Chi Kuo further noted that the iPhone 16 series will be the first lineup to feature this innovative battery case. He previously mentioned that the iPhone 16 Pro Max will be equipped with a stainless steel battery case for the first time, which will enhance heat dissipation and protection, and Sunway will be the major supplier of this new battery case.

iPhone 16 metal case battery: simplify the replacement process

iPhone 16 metal case battery simplify the replacement process

In addition, according to other media, Apple is developing a new technology called electric induction adhesive removal, which will make the Apple battery replacement process easier. This is considered to be one of Apple's strategies to deal with EU legislation.

The electric induction adhesive removal technology only requires a small voltage to the battery for disassembly, which is much easier and faster than the current method of slowly pulling the adhesive off the battery with a tool. It is expected that at least one model of iPhone 16 series will be the first to try out the electric induction adhesive removal technology, and it will not be fully applied until the iPhone 17 lineup next year.

To be honest, relying on electric induction debinding technology alone is not enough to meet the requirements of the European Union. After all, before removing the iPhone battery, special tools and specific SOPs are still required to open the phone. It remains to be seen how Apple will continue to adjust the battery assembly method of the new iPhone in the future.

It is reported that if Apple's new technology goes according to plan, it is expected to debut on one of the iPhone 16 models later this year, and is planned to be expanded to the entire iPhone 17 lineup next year.

Are you looking forward to a stainless steel battery case for the Apple iPhone 16? Let’s wait for the iPhone 16 release date and see for more details on OTOFLY.

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