visionOS 2 brings new features to Apple Vision Pro

visionOS 2 brings new features to Apple Vision Pro

Apple unveiled the new visionOS 2 at WWDC 2024 a few days ago. Although it only optimized and supplemented the first-generation system, it also improves the ease of use of the system and enhances the user experience.

Let’s take a look at the highlights of the update below, and feel free to share your experience with visionOS 2 in the comments section.

visionOS 2

Customize your Home View

In previous systems, applications could only be arranged in A-Z order on the Home View, and users could not customize the order. The new visionOS 2.0 allows users to freely arrange and adjust the position of the apps, which makes the Home View more personalized and practical.

New gestures for easy navigation

In visionOS 1, users need to roll their eyes upward to open the Control Center, an operation that not only had a low recognition rate, but was also prone to false triggers. visionOS 2.0 update introduces a new gesture operation, in which users only need to look at their hands and flip and tap to open the Control Center. The new gestures are not only convenient and fast, but also reduce eye fatigue and significantly improve the user experience.

New accessories compatibility

When you connect Vision Pro to Bluetooth mouse, you will only get a message that the accessory is not compatible in visionOS 1. But now you can connect your Magic Mouse or thirdparty Bluetooth mouse to navigate while using Apple Vision Pro.

Create spatial photos from your 2D images

Although iPhone 15 Pro and Apple Vision Pro can shoot spatial videos and photos, a large number of photos previously taken are 2D images, but now visionOS 2 can directly convert ordinary photos into spatial photos. To convert a spatial image, just open the photo in the Photo app, tap the spatial icon, and wait 6 to 10 seconds.

Watching videos in Safari gets more cinematic

In visionOS 1, Safari in full screen will still be limited to the window, but visionOS 2's Safari can play videos in a way similar to a theater screen with a truly massive screen. To enable this view, first play a video in full screen in Safari, and then click the button of the full screen window to enter that mode.

apple vision pro visionos 2

Persona effect enhanced

Persona has simple effect optimizations in visionOS 2. You need to re-enter Persona after upgrading. The color of clothes, expressions, skin color, and hand movement details have all been slightly improved.

In addition, Persona has added the option to select default camera background. During FaceTime or third-party video calls, you can add a variety of backgrounds, which can be a solid color, a scene, or a photo.

Mirror your view on Apple Vision Pro

Now you can cast your iPad or iPhone to Vision Pro via Airplay, greatly improving the convenience of viewing your iPhone or iPad. You can cast the screen in the iPhone or iPad's Control Center or directly in visionOS's Control Center.

More convenient to wear

Sharing Vision Pro with friends and family is something many users do. visionOS 2 remembers the hand and eye information of the last visitor for 30 days, so that the visitor doesn't need to be initialized again when wearing the Vision Pro, but it can only remember 1 person at present.

Support Chinese system

With Vision Pro available in more regions of the world, Apple Vision Pro finally supports Chinese system and input method in visionOS 2, which greatly facilitates Chinese users. Meanwhile, many games and apps that originally supported Chinese will be automatically displayed in Chinese after the system language can be selected as Chinese. For example, the Fruit Ninja game on Apple Arcade can now directly display the Chinese interface, allowing users to enjoy a better gaming experience.

Look at the microphone icon to speak

Tapping the microphone to start voice input is an action that runs through every Apple system, and it's been simplified even more in visionOS 2. Just look at the microphone icon and voice input will activate automatically, eliminating the need to pinch your finger.

As of now, this feature is only available in input boxes with a microphone (e.g., the search box in system settings, the input box in a Messages App session).

visionOS 2 release date

When will visionOS 2 be released?

VisionOS 2 will be available as a free update this fall, but Apple has not yet announced a specific date.

In addition to the software update, Apple revealed that Vision Pro is rolling out to more countries. Vision Pro will first be available in China, Japan, and Singapore on June 28, followed by Australia, Canada, France, Germany and the United Kingdom on July 12.

With the visionOS 2, Apple Vision Pro not only solves the problems of long-term feedback from users, but also further optimizes various features of the system, bringing users a smoother and more convenient experience. As the beta updates, more features are being revealed along the way.

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