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OTOFLY New Product Matte iPhone Case for iPhone 13 Pro/ 13 Pro Max

OTOFLY new product matte iPhone case for iPhone 13 Pro/ 13 Pro Max

Phone Case

In the coming June, we will launch a new product, which is our third generation mobile phone case - matte iPhone case.

Fit iPhone 13 pro / and iPhone 13 pro max.

What is the difference between this case and the previous two generations of cases? Today I will unveil its mystery for you.

First of all, as our brand-new product, we spent several months on continuous experiments. And gave 100 people free matte iPhone cases, and received their feedback a month later.Facts have proved that our new matte case has enough protection and a more beautiful appearance. And it still supports MagSafe. Let me tell you about our new matte case.


As the phone case with the new transparent backplane, this time we have launched 12 and 13 series.


This matte case is the same as the previous liquid silicone cases in terms of protecting the iPhone. The difference is that this time we chose a transparent back plate. As the main design, the color frame makes the whole matte case look more energetic, showing a sense of youth and fashion.

There are also two small holes nearby to hang ropes and some pendant ornaments, which make the iPhone more fashionable and show a distinctive charm. In the part of the camera, we have added the brand logo, which is designed around the lens to make it more brilliant and no longer monotonous. Most importantly, this case still supports MagSafe, and it can adapt to other wireless charging devices, so that your iPhone will not be troubled by charging problems. At the same time, the transparent backplane allows you to show the most original phone color.


In addition to the case, we have also launched two other products - our lens protector and screen protector.


Lens Protector

Next, we will introduce the lens protector. Maybe we haven't had much contact with the lens protector now, and we don't know much about its use. As a new type of equipment to protect the lens, the lens protector is a necessary thing for us. It seems to be a small thing. But the protection effect is first-class. Compared with accidentally breaking the lens and spending a lot of money to repair or replace a new iPhone, the lens protector is really very cost-effective and can be used for a long time.

Lens protector from OTOFLY


Screen Protector

The next step is our screen protector. Like the ordinary screen protector, the final version is obtained after repeated experiments, and we will give auxiliary tools. So that customers can better stick the screen protector, and our screen protector also adopts the most advanced materials and production technology. It can play a better role in protecting everyone's iPhone screen, and it can also make you have a better shopping experience.

iPhone screen protector from OTOFLY

If you haven't bought new equipment for your mobile phone, you might as well try it now, add some fun and color to your life. Now join the OTOFLY family. Let's walk together in this beautiful 2022.

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