What's New in the iPhone 14 Camera?

What's New in the iPhone 14 Camera?

I am sure that the iPhone 14 that you have been longing for has already arrived! As we all know that iPhone 14 series added some new features in imaging, while most of you still don't know how to better utilize the value of the new features of iPhone 14 when they get the real camera? In this article, we will take the iPhone 14 series added a few new photo features, to do a real shooting tutorial, so that you can better use the new iPhone to shoot wonderful blockbuster!


2x Focal Length:

2x telephoto makes a return this time in the iPhone 14 Pro series, but this is not a physical lens, instead, it utilizes the 12 megapixels right in the middle of the main 4-in-1 pixel sensor to take photos and videos at a focal length of 48mm. If you look at the magnification alone, you may not really understand the difference between 2x and 3x, but if you look at the distances for everyday portraits, you'll find that 48mm is much more friendly than the 77mm telephoto.


3x Telephoto: 

Contrasting with the 2x is the 3x focal length, this lens has an equivalent focal length of 77mm, which requires the photographer to stand at a longer distance to shoot compared to the 2x focal length. The advantage of the 3x focal length is that the image will be more compact, but compared to the 2x focal length will bring in less spatial environment, so the 3x focal length is more suitable for close-ups of people's five senses.


Wide Angle: 

1x and 0.5x are essentially wide-angle lenses, 1x equivalent focal length of 24mm, 0.5x equivalent focal length of 13mm, but in order to better differentiate between users, we are accustomed to call it the prime lens, ultra-wide angle. In portrait photography, the wide-angle end of the lens can not only shoot half-body portrait but also suitable for shooting full-body portrait. Compared to the ultra-wide angle, the main camera has a larger sensor, which can output higher quality photos in low light at night.


Ultra Wide Angle:

The ultra wide angle of the iPhone 14 Pro series comes with a brand new sensor, which is as much as twice as big as its predecessor. On real-world shots, a more noticeable improvement is indeed found. For example, in this set of photos, the one above was taken with the iPhone 13 Pro Max, and the one below was taken with the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Click to enlarge and it's not hard to see that the image quality of the iPhone 14 Pro Max is much better, with relatively less clarity and noise.

take with the iPhone 13 Pro Max
take with the iPhone 14 Pro Max


It is worth noting that the approach of most manufacturers is to algorithmically brighten as well as peel to offset the noise of the dark light, while the iPhone 14 strategy is to redesign the flash that has been ignored for a long time, the introduction of the "Adaptive Original Color Flash" function. I strongly recommend that after you get the new iPhone, feel free to boldly use the wide-angle lens to change different angles, different postures for snapshots, than the ordinary posing shots may allow you to capture a more vivid blockbuster.

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