Google Pixel 9 Rumors: What we know so far

Google Pixel 9 Rumors What we know so far

In October last year, Google launched the Pixel 8 series, including Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. As time goes by, the breaking news about the new generation of Google Pixel 9 series are also appearing. Here are all the known leaks so far.


Google Pixel 9: design

Combined with the relevant revelations and renderings, Google Pixel 9 will be equipped with a 6.1-inch straight screen, compared to its predecessor Google Pixel 8's 6.2-inch screen, the new machine is slightly reduced in size, which may be Google in order to cater to the dissatisfaction of some users for large-sized mobile phones, intends to make a better balance between the screen size and grip feel. However, the front of the new Pixel 9 still retains the centered hole-punch design.

Google Pixel 9 design


In addition, the middle frame of Google Pixel 9 has been changed from a rounded curved shape to a right-angled middle frame. The right side of the body is equipped with a power button and volume button, and the bottom is equipped with a USB-C port, speaker and SIM card tray. Combined with the renderings, it can also be seen that the rear camera module on the back of the new Pixel 9 adopts a new pill-shaped design, and is equipped with three cameras for the first time on the standard model.


Google Pixel 9: camera

Google has been pushing AI-powered camera technology, which is expected to reach new heights in the Pixel 9. While specific details about the new camera hardware are still being kept under wraps, most reports suggest that the latest main camera could be Samsung's ISOCELL GNV. It will bring users better photo effects, especially in low-light environments, allowing them to capture more details and colors.


Google Pixel 9: color

Now there is a latest news, following the appearance renders, foreign media have recently revealed further information about the color of the Pixel 9 series.


According to the latest information released by foreign media, which is basically consistent with previously exposed news, the color scheme and exclusive wallpapers of the new Google Pixel 9 series have been leaked in advance. Pixel 9 will be available in jade, obsidian, peony, porcelain options. Pixel 9 Pro and Pixel 9 Pro XL, on the other hand, will be available in hazel, obsidian, porcelain and rose.

Google Pixel 9 color


As for wallpapers, Pixel 9 has a total of 28 HD wallpapers, with the theme of "Swirling Petals", showing the splendor and romance of abstract flowers, and the Pixel 9 wallpapers are now available for download.


Google Pixel 9: specs and software updates

According to previously disclosed news, the new Google Pixel 9 series will be equipped with Google's custom Google Tensor chip, which is manufactured by Samsung and based on Exynos.


At the same time, Pixel 9 will also be equipped with a new AI assistant, based on its latest Gemini model, which will be an exclusive assistant for Pixel devices, named "Pixie". The goal is to perform complex multimodal tasks, using data from Gmail, Maps and other Google products on the Pixel line.


It will also be the first Android 15 flagship to be upgraded with the benefits of a major Android update, with the Android 15 operating system pre-installed. Android 15 is said to extend platform support for satellite connectivity and add a number of interface elements to ensure a consistent user experience in satellite-connected environments.


The Google Pixel 9 series is also expected to feature Qi2 charging technology. This is an upgrade that increases wireless charging speeds to 15W and features magnetic alignment. The introduction of this technology will further enhance the charging experience of Pixel 9 Pro, allowing users to say goodbye to cumbersome cable connections.


Google Pixel 9: price and release date

Based on past trends and market demand, the Pixel 9 may be priced slightly higher than the Pixel 8, starting at $699. Although the price is relatively high, it is something to look forward to considering the innovative features and excellent performance it brings.


As for the release date, Google usually releases new Pixel mobile phone in the first week of October, so it's reasonable to expect the Pixel 9 to make its official debut this fall.

Google Pixel 9 specs and software updates


Based on the existing news, the Google Pixel 9 series will be upgraded in many aspects such as performance, imaging, and AI experience. As the release date approaches, more details will be revealed one after another, everyone can stay tuned.

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