Apple iPad Pro (2024) Review: Is iPad Pro Worth Buying

Apple iPad Pro (2024) Review: Is iPad Pro Worth Buying

Are you tempted to buy iPad Pro after reading iPad Pro reviews? Different reviews give different opinions on buying. Below Otofly will help you judge whether iPad Pro is worth buying based on its pros and cons. Here's a summary of some ideas:


Positive Reviews

1. High contrast OLED screen and textured sound quality

The new iPad Pro is available in 11-inch and 13-inch sizes, both of which feature a dual-layer tandem OLED display for higher contrast and color performance. Equipped with ProMotion adaptive refresh rate technology, which can reach up to 120Hz, ensuring smooth scrolling and dynamic content display.


iPad Pro’s full-screen brightness can reach up to 1,000 nits, and HDR brightness can reach 1,600 nits, enabling vivid and realistic images to be presented in various light conditions. In addition to the excellent display, the sound quality of iPad Pro is also amazing. The four-speaker system has been carefully tuned to provide richer and fuller sound, which can bring you an immersive experience whether you are watching movies or listening to music.


2. Thin and light iPad Pro and powerful performance

The new iPad Pro breaks the thickness record for Apple products, with the 13-inch version measuring just 5.1mm thick, making it the thinnest Apple device. The ultra-thin design not only improves aesthetics and portability, but also maintains excellent performance. Equipped with Apple's M4 chip, which makes the iPad Pro (2024) the most powerful tablet, it is capable of handling complex multitasking operations or running high-performance apps with ease.


The 2024 iPad Pro is not only ultra-thin, but also very light, which greatly facilitates daily carrying, especially for mobile office and on-the-go use. The combination of powerful performance and convenience provides an unparalleled user experience. Whether it's for creative design, office processing, or audio entertainment, iPad Pro delivers outstanding performance.

Thin and light iPad Pro and powerful performance


3. The new iPad Pro, with the new Apple Pencil Pro and Magic Keyboard, is great to use

Apple has specially designed the new Apple Pencil Pro and Magic Keyboard for the new iPad Pro, making the use of this tablet even more excellent. The new Apple Pencil Pro has many advanced features such as squeeze, barrel roll and haptic feedback, making note-taking and creation more intuitive and convenient. It can also be magnetically attached to one side of the iPad for pairing, charging and storage.


The new Magic Keyboard also features a new design with an aluminum palm rest for a comfortable typing and trackpad experience. It has a full row of function keys and a USB-C port that supports pass-through charging and provides front and back protection for your iPad. The floating cantilever design can be smoothly adjusted to multiple viewing angles to meet different usage needs.


Negative Reviews

1. Easy to bend:

Actually, the extremely thin and light iPad Pro is not perfect. When using it, you need to always consider the possibility of it being bent by some external force. Therefore, it is necessary to buy an iPad Pro case.


2. Price factor:

The relatively high price of the iPad Pro may not be the most cost-effective option, especially for those who don't need high-end performance or professional creative tools.


3. Apple Pencil compatibility issue:

The new iPad Pro is only compatible with the Apple Pencil Pro, and the old Apple Pencil model won't work on the 2024 iPad Pro, which means that if you need to use the Apple Pencil, you must buy both the new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil Pro.


4. Practical consideration:

For users who type a lot, it is more convenient to use a laptop. Some users don't need to use all the features of the iPad Pro, or their needs can be met with a cheaper tablet.

iPad Pro 2024


Purchase Advice

With all that said, whether it's worth buying the 2024 iPad Pro depends on one's needs, budget, and requirements for performance and portability.


If you are a user who needs high-performance and professional creative tools and has sufficient budget, then the new iPad Pro may be a good choice. However, if your needs are more basic or you are price sensitive, you may want to consider other more affordable options.

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