iPad Pro 2024 Review: Thin Tablet, M4 Chip and OLED Display

iPad Pro 2024 Review: Thin Tablet, M4 Chip and OLED Display

After reviewing the new iPad Air, there is one new iPad worth looking forward to in 2024 - the iPad Pro. This tablet has once again refreshed our perception of the iPad with its thinness, new design and powerful performance. Below, we will conduct a detailed review of this new product.


Thinnest Apple product except Apple Card

The 2024 iPad Pro features an ultra-thin, ultra-lightweight design that showcases Apple's relentless pursuit of extreme thinness and lightness in both the 11-inch and 13-inch models. Made of aluminum alloy, it not only ensures a thin and light body, but also has excellent durability. The 13-inch model, in particular, is more than 100 grams lighter than the previous generation, truly achieving the perfect combination of strength and portability.


Unfortunately, with the addition of the new Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil, it is still a little heavier than the 13-inch MacBook Air on sale. But the iPad also has some features that the Mac doesn't yet have, such as the most ways to interact: touch, stylus, eSIM cellular support, and a better display than the MacBook Air that you can pick up.


M4 chip debuts

The new iPad Pro is equipped with Apple's new M4 chip, which is based on the second-generation 3nm process technology and has once again improved energy efficiency. Both the central processor and the graphics processor show superb performance.


Judging from the test results, the M4 is still ahead of the competition in terms of performance. GeekBench single-core and multi-core are respectively improved by 45% and 54% compared to the previous generation of M2 iPad Pro, the improvement can be said to be quite large.

2024 iPad Pro review test


The performance boost is normal, after all, the performance advantage in terms of GPU is really gone from the A17 Pro, and the bigger upgrade for the M4 over the M2 is still the support for hardware-level ray tracing. However, despite the further improvement in performance, there seems to be no change in what the iPad Pro can do, and anyone who has used the iPad won't choose to use it when a computer is available.


Advanced OLED display

The 2024 iPad Pro is equipped with a new ultra-precision Retina XDR screen, which uses breakthrough double-layer series OLED technology to bring users a visual experience of ultra-high brightness and ultra-precise contrast.


Compared to the HDR effect brought by the previous use of mini LED, OLED will be more accurate. Take the new iPad page on Apple's official site as an example, the new iPad Pro has less highlights that overflow around fonts and colors, further improving the contrast of the image. While the mini LED can't achieve pure black around the highlights, which is even more obvious when comparing the iPad Air with ordinary LCD screens.

iPad Pro OLED display


At the same time, the entire screen display is also sharper. The previous mini LED screen had some uneven color problems at the edges, and the clarity of the font display was not as good as the new iPad Pro. OLED is also more dominant in response speed, fast-moving displays no longer have the previous drag. In theory, writing and drawing using Apple Pencil will also be improved.


Long battery life

When testing the new iPad Pro, there was a very shocking result. Put the old and new iPad Pro and the new iPad Air in the same room temperature environment, with the screen brightness manually set to 350nit, and play the Apple TV+ movie "Argyle" for 2 hours and 20 minutes.


After the end of the film, the remaining battery power of the new iPad Pro is 92%, and that of the other two models was 73%, indicating that although the battery life written on the official site has not changed, the new iPad Pro does have better battery life performance in the scenario of watching a movie. One is because OLED is self-luminous, there is a large area of black above and below the movie ratio screen, which is more power saving; and the other is that the energy efficiency of the M4 chip does perform better.

2024 iPad Pro long battery life


However, this test is relatively simple. It can only be said that the battery life of the 2024 iPad Pro has been greatly improved in the scenario of watching streaming media content, and battery life test that is more in line with real scene is still in progress.


As for charging, the actual test iPad Pro and iPad Air can activate the 45W PD protocol and keep the speed between 36-38W when charging, which is unchanged from the previous large-size iPad.



Overall, 2024 iPad Pro is a big upgrade at the hardware level, the addition of a double-layer OLED screen gives even the 11-inch iPad a top-notch visual experience. The M4 chip is a refresh of the performance limits of the tablet field, and with the many changes in detail and functionality, it can definitely bring you the ultimate tablet experience.

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