iPad Air 2024 Review: Appearance, Display, Camera and Performance

iPad Air 2024 Review Appearance, Display, Camera and Performance

In 2024, Apple introduced the highly anticipated iPad Air, a device that has become a popular choice in the market thanks to its excellent performance, elegant design, and rich features. So what is the experience of the new iPad Air? Here is a detailed review of this device.


Appearance: Simply but fashion

The 2024 iPad Air continues Apple's simple style in design and is made of 100% recycled aluminum, which not only reflects Apple's commitment to environmental protection, but also maintains the high-end feel of the product. A variety of color options such as space gray, starlight, purple and blue are available to meet the individual needs of different users. The thickness and weight are the same as the previous generation, and it is not easy to feel fatigue when held in hand for a long time.


Display: Color accurate

The Liquid Retina display of the new iPad Air brings stunning visual effects, with great clarity and exceptionally vivid color performance thanks to P3 wide color gamut and original color display technology. The screen is also equipped with an anti-reflective coating for clear reading even in bright light. There is no more striking new feature than the support for the Apple Pencil's hover function, which enhances the user's interactive experience and operational accuracy.

iPad Air 2024 Display Color accurate


Camera: A small change

The new iPad Air features a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera on the front. A small change is that the front camera is now cleverly placed on the horizontal edge


One small change to the new iPad Air's front-facing 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera is that it is now cleverly placed on the landscape edge, which is a modification that allows for a more natural viewing angle when in use, especially when making video calls. The front camera not only has outstanding image quality, but also features character centering, which means that during video calls or live streaming, the system can automatically adjust to ensure that the user is always in the center of the picture, thus improving the communication effect and user experience.


The rear camera is also a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens, which provides extremely clear photos whether you are shooting landscapes or daily records. What’s even more striking is that the 2024 iPad Air supports 4K video shooting, allowing users to obtain movie-level image effects when recording every important moment in life, greatly enriching users’ usage scenarios and enjoyment.


Performance: Powerful and smooth

The performance improvement of the new iPad Air is mainly due to Apple's M2 chip, which improves its performance by an astonishing 50% compared to the previous model. This powerful processing power ensures that iPad Air can provide a smooth and stable experience whether you're performing daily tasks or running extremely demanding games. For users who pursue high efficiency and high image quality, such a performance boost is undoubtedly a huge attraction.

iPad Air 2024 Performance Powerful and smooth


The design of the iPadOS system also reflects Apple's emphasis on user experience. The operating system is not only user-friendly but also powerful enough to easily run multiple applications simultaneously. Users can use Apple Pencil to write in any text field through simple gestures, or use Magic Keyboard to perform efficient operation switching. This design allows users to focus more on the things they like and enjoy a relaxed and powerful operating experience when using iPad Air.



Through the above review, we can see that the iPad Air with M2 chip demonstrates excellent performance and convenient operation experience. 2024 iPad Air maintains the high quality and elegant design of Apple products, while the comprehensive improvement of performance and functions makes it a very competitive tablet in the market. Whether it's its powerful processing power, clear display or versatile camera configuration, it is an ideal choice for efficient work and entertainment.

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