watchOS 11: Every new feature, release date, and compatibility

watchOS 11 Every new feature, release date, and compatibility

Apple announced a lot of surprises at WWDC 2024, including new watchOS update. The next update system to the Apple Watch is called WatchOS 11, and here are the new features WatchOS 11 will bring to the Apple Watch, as well as the release date.

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watchOS 11

A new Vitals app

One of the biggest new features of Apple Watch in watchOS 11 is the new Vitals app, which helps you understand your health by tracking your heart rate, respiratory rate, wrist temperature, and blood oxygen while you sleep. These metrics are processed by an algorithm and displayed on a chart the next morning to let you know if you're in the normal range. If two or more metrics are out of your typical range, you will receive a notification reminding you to change certain bad habits.

Training load information

watchOS 11 also includes training load that allows you to track how much stress your body is under during a workout. It compares your last 7 days of workouts to your last 28 days to show if you're making meaningful progress toward your goals. Each workout you record gets an effort rating from 1 to 10, based on a new algorithm that measures your activity level and measures the intensity of your workout based on factors such as age, height, weight, heart rate, altitude, etc., so that you can adjust your training for best results.

Customizable Activity Rings

Apple Watch activity rings motivate users to sit less, move more, and exercise more every day, and with watchOS 11, they're even more customizable. Whether users plan to rest during training, get injured or just need a day off, they can now pause the their rings for a day, a week, a month or longer without affecting their continuous rewards.

More pregnancy features

watchOS 11 will allow pregnant women to record their physical and mental health during pregnancy, display gestational age and record any symptoms they often feel. Your watch will also suggest you check for Apple Watch health features such as high heart rate notifications, as heart rate tends to increase during pregnancy.

watchOS 11 Smart Stack

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A smarter Smart Stack

Smart Stack helps users quickly read important information from any watch face, and in watchOS 11, it's even smarter. New widgets including Photos, Distance, and more are now available. In addition, Smart Stack can also recommend widgets based on time, date, location, daily life, etc., making it easier for users to use the features on Apple Watch.

For example, the new severe weather alerts widget can tell you the start and end time of rainfall in real time, so that you can prepare for your trip in advance. Meanwhile, the Live Activities and health widget can provide you with richer exercise and health data.

Personalization for Photos watch face

In watchOS 11, the Photos watch face can use machine learning to quickly analyze thousands of photos and make suggestions based on aesthetics, composition, and even facial expressions to help users choose the best Apple Watch faces. Apple's algorithm optimizes the image for the watch face and adds depth effects, different colored backgrounds, fonts, and more, which you can customize to your preferences.

Double tap updates 

When the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 were released, one of the biggest complaints from users was the limitations of the Double Tap feature, which can only be available in select apps that support finger scrolling. However, now watchOS 11 extends Double Tap to all apps and third-party apps, making it easier to interact with the Apple Watch with one hand.

Check In comes to workouts

In watchOS 11, Apple adds Check In, which originally from iOS 17, lets you track your families or friends and ask them confirm when they arrived at their destination or finished a fitness class, among other things. Check In can be used in the Workout app and Messages.

Tap to Cash to pay quickly

Also appearing in iOS 18, Apple is bringing Tap to Cash to watchOS 11. The "Tap to Cash" feature allows you to quickly send Apple Cash to someone by placing your Apple Watch near another watch or iPhone.

Translate app comes to Apple Watch

Apple is adding the Translate app to watchOS 11, allowing you to translate in one of 20 supported languages. When you're traveling abroad, if a supported language is available, it will automatically appear in your Apple Watch Smart Stack.

watchOS 11 features

When will watchOS 11 be available?

Currently, watchOS 11 is unveiled in the form of an early developer preview, with a public beta set to launch this July. The software update will roll out on all supported Apple Watches in the fall, most likely in September.

Compatible Apple Watch models 

  • Apple Watch SE (2nd generation)
  • Apple Watch Series 6
  • Apple Watch Series 7
  • Apple Watch Series 8
  • Apple Watch Series 9
  • Apple Watch Ultra
  • Apple Watch Ultra 2

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