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Which is better to get - iPhone 15 or iPhone 14 Pro ?

Which is better to get - iPhone 15 or iPhone 14 Pro ?

As technology continues to evolve, new iPhones are released every year, making the buying decision more complicated. Now, we are faced with a choice: should we buy the iPhone 14 Pro or choose the iPhone 15? Both phones have excellent performance and various attractive features. In this article, we will consider factors such as performance, price, etc. to help you make an informed buying decision.


1. Texture

The iPhone 15 features a fused glass back cover with an aerospace aluminum metal center frame, while the iPhone 14 Pro has a combination of a matte textured glass back cover and a stainless steel center frame, for a higher quality, sturdier texture.


2. Performance

Both use Apple's A16 processor, so their performance level is extremely strong, whether it is a large game or daily applications can be easily managed.

However, all of them use the A16 processor has a very slight difference, the iPhone 14 Pro on this A16 maximum frequency of 3.46GHz, the iPhone 15 on this A16 maximum frequency of 3.44GHz, but this gap is extremely small, you can ignore.


3. Screen

Both the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 14 Pro use a 6.1-inch OLED screen with a PPI of 460 and exactly the same level of refinement, they both support the original color display, and they both have a peak brightness of 1600nit as well as an outdoor inspired brightness of 2000nit.

Their biggest difference is that the iPhone 15's screen refresh rate is only 60HZ, while the iPhone 14 Pro supports 1-120HZ adaptive refresh rate.

Due to the difference in refresh rate, the screen quality of the iPhone 14 Pro is significantly better than the iPhone 15, which is also the aspect of the biggest gap between the two phones at the product power level.

iPhone 14 Pro screen


4. Camera

The iPhone 15 uses a 48-megapixel main camera + 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera combination, which supports the first-generation displacement optical stabilization, the hardware is the same as the iPhone 14 Pro, and it also supports double optical zoom, which is still a good photographic strength this time.

The iPhone 14 Pro, on the other hand, uses a combination of a 48-megapixel main camera + a 12-megapixel ultra wide-angle + a 12-megapixel telephoto camera, which supports second-generation displacement optical stabilization, and thanks to the separate telephoto camera, it has a 0.5-3x optical zoom capability.

All in all, the overall photo level of the iPhone 14 Pro is better than that of the iPhone 15 thanks to the additional telephoto camera that is used more in real life.


5. Battery Life

We refer to Apple's official website as their test conditions are certainly uniform and will be more accurate compared to third-party tests.

In continuous streaming video playback, iPhone 15 can reach up to 16 hours of playback time, while iPhone 14 Pro can reach 20 hours of playback time. People's actual application habits are certainly not continuous video playback, combined with actual experience, the iPhone 14 Pro battery life performance is moderate, light to medium use a day a charge, iPhone 15 should be about the same.

iPhone 15 battery


6. Conclusion

Considering the above factors, I suggest most people can choose to buy the iPhone 14 Pro, which has powerful performance, excellent camera functions and good compatibility with other Apple devices, and the price is relatively reasonable. Of course, if you are a professional user or are fascinated by the latest technology and are willing to pay more for it, then you can consider buying the iPhone 15.

Whatever your choice is, make your decision based on your needs and budget. Each generation of Apple's iPhones is unique in its own way, and choosing the one that suits you best is what matters most. Hopefully, this article will help you make an informed choice between the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 15.

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